Kurtis "Kurt" Wright was born in El Paso,Texas on July 24, 1993. He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 19. He is 6 foot 7 inches and is often confused with a giraffe. Kurtis works at his school as an aid in the library. Kurt wants to be living in South Korea. He is currently teaching himself the Korean language. Kurtis is privilaged to be the older brother to an amazing, talented, and beautiful younger sister. Her artistically chosen name is Kady.

Kurtis used to play basketball and he used to wrestle. Although, neither of these sports seemed to work out for him. Now he likes to dance in his room to k pop. Kurt likes computers. He has once even built his own computer. Kurt is fluent in three languages: English, sarcasm, and Giraffanise.

Kurtis is proud to be fluent in Giraffanise. His favorite place in Arizona to be is the zoo, at the giraffe habitat with his brothern. Kurt would like to go to the University of Hawaii, where his younger sister can "visit" him and spend her days on the beach. While in Hawaii, Kurt will dye the tips of his hair bleach blonde and style it in a fohawk everyday. He will a own powder blue jeep and, on the side, it will say "babe mobile". This is his dream car. Kurtis' favorite activities include eating and playing star craft. He likes to eat pie and, well, basically anything edible.

When Kurt moves to Korea later in his life,he wants to own cats. He might even become a crazy cat man. Kurtis wants nothing more than to be friends with everyone, and I mean everyone, he meets. Although he is tall and his voice is very deep, he isn't too intimidating. As long as he is eating or meowing, you know he is happy. Kurt is currently a member of a local gym and likes to go there often. However, his beautiful sister wants to go with him. He needs to get a form and fill it out so she can go. Kady has asked him multiple times and still, he has not gotten it.

Kutris Cameron Wright is a curious creature, just trying to make it by as a giraffe/ liberian/ student. He listens to k pop and eats food by day. And he meows and drinks coffee by night(He is an avid coffee drinker). So if you are ever eating lunch by yourself and a tall man comes and sits down next to you, it could Kurtis. Or a stanger plotting against you. Unless he introduces himself as Kurt and has a lot of freckles and a very deep voice, then it is most likely Kurtis. Still, never be too sure. Don't talk to strangers.

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