The three and a half round Kundalini Symbol

Kundalini Awakening (a mystery in yoga)

“Everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty”

“Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi”

Persian Sufi & Poet(1207-1273 A.D.)

Mankind & Divine Energy (Kundalini)

All divine religions believe and admit that human being is an image of the essence of cosmic absolute power! Holly Islamic Quran and other sacred scriptures have announced that Allah has infused its soul into the human_being. Thus, the Allah’s essence resides in the mankind’s body and has made him/her a part of the whole universe. And so, is cardinally attributed to perfection due to his/her divine qualities. Having detached from the oversoul, mankind has extended his/her tendencies toward the imaginary and perishing nature of the worldly life, and has lost his/her inner profound communication with the soul consequently! Hence, his/her spiritual consciousness energy named; kundalini, has fallen dormant inside the etheric body and been locked potentially.

Even though this creative energy indwells generally within every being, but awakening this dormant divine energy; even built upon a guru's advice and guidance, needs long years of devotion and insight, ruled by a lawful and regular plan toward ego killing, yet not within a monastery or a mosque or by pursuing study of the books! It takes place while living socially among the people, while passing the karma-wise life! Although, living in a quiet and private place like a cave is sometimes necessary for meditation and prayer!

The true spiritual seeker even extends his/her evolutionary devotion inside the purgatory after death, because he/she has an endless thirst to achieve a sacred goal; that is return to God! Only such a character can get watered by the headwaters of crystal clear immense light of the Lord!

We can’t help being thirsty, yet moving toward the voice of water. “M. J. Rumi”

Yoga teaches this divine gift will be aroused: in a person, peaceful, in love with God and in love with all creatures! In an honorable person with a high moral sense, in a person without mundane ambitions, egotism and arrogance! In an honest person, out of hatred, feeling no jealousy, yet merciful and broad-minded! In a person gracious, generous and free of lust! Totally in a perfected man, unbounded from earthly ambitions, but bounded to love and humanity! Any spiritual seeker who develops and internalizes these characteristics is clearly a universal and perfected human being, who is called a yogi/yogini. Yet yoga honors this person; who has reached the peak of yoga, as a lofty being, above a mystic, monk or hermit’s dignity.

Love is from the infinite and will remain until eternity, the seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death! Tomorrow when resurrection comes, any heart that is not in love will fail the test! “M. J. Rumi”

Karmas & Divine Tests

Having planted prominent seeds of selflessness and Omni-love in the ploughed furrows of the farm of one’s earthly form, yet Having surmounted the divine relevant tests by the infallible governing law in the universe; well-known as the law of karma which are reaction tests for the mankind’s actions! (Similar to the law of action and reaction in physics), The Allah provides a reward in the form of dedicating the heavenly fruit; that is kundalini arousal! That can be interpreted as universe’s most noble reaction to the seeker’s saintly perfection! Every positive action reaps its own corresponding and mutual reward. He/she receives what he/she deserves! All of the sanctified & revered prophets born and lived their last incarnation as a spiritual leader and could reveal the divine will and power to all the people by the aid of awakened kundalini! Their love knew no geographical boundaries! They will be remembered as universal men, forever!

Men's minds perceive second causes, but only prophets perceive the action of the First Cause. “M. J. Rumi”

karmas puts any individual under the similar conditions that he/she had produced to other people during his/her previous life, as a reaction test of his/her behavior toward perfection! The law of karma (also called the law of cause & effect) spreads the divine justice on any mundane life. It declares any action of mankind will be sent back to him/her identically in compensation by the universe!

Anyhow karmic effects rule the world and mankind’s incarnations, and nobody can run away from such a relevant reaction of the universe. This divine extreme justice says that anybody in any authority will have a rebirth to reap the fruits of hidden intentions and planted behaviors (which continuously takes place on our planet). A new incarnation is a new body, a new life and a new opportunity to reap what we had planted during our previous life and get liberated!

Thus even if any individual is not in the path of awakening this spiritual energy, should try to be a perfect ideal person for developing mankind’s dignity. This is a moral and religious responsibility on everybody in his/her society! Anyhow the Islam prophet; Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) has taught us, this period of life is a divine test, an opportunity to beg Allah’s pardon, to purify our soul, and to refine our mind, because the consequences of any benevolent or malevolent action of anybody will be reflected back to him/her by the balancing mirror of universe, making the sender’s spiritual evolvement, an advancing or a retarding motion! This is the hidden law of evolution in the universe!

Holy Quran & Divine Tests

Holly Quran discloses the divine tests: Chapter 67: AL-MULK (THE SOVEREIGNTY) - Verse# 2 Who created death and life that he might examine which of you is best in deeds, and he is the almighty, the forgiving!

Chapter 8: [AL-ANFAL] (SPOILS OF WAR) - Verse# 37 There are tests in order that Allah will separate the wicked from the good!

The Holly Quran points out the generality of the tests towards any figure: Chapter 29: [AL-ANKABOOT] (THE SPIDER) - Verse# 2 Do men imagine that they will be left alone (at ease) because they say, we are believers, and will not be tested?

This noble verse of Holly Quran addresses the word “men”, which shows the generality of [ divine tests]. Therefore all the people, either powerful or powerless, capable or incapable, ruler or subject, leader or follower, oppressor or oppressed, poor or rich, fortunate or unfortunate, educated or uneducated, virtuous or vicious, superior or inferior, villain or hero will be subjected to test.

The way you make love, is the way God will be with you.

“M. J. Rumi”

The transient Life as an Opportunity

The invisible creator is Omni-presence, observing people’s actions, the people who undoubtedly will receive its heavenly reward (positive karmic reaction) or its hellish punishment (negative karmic reaction) during the lifetime and during one’s next incarnation too! The life must be looked, as an opportunity and an ever onward motion to overcome all physical, emotional, mental, social, family relationship issues and obstacles to improve spiritually, driven by a strong will! True spiritual seekers move decisively towards their outstanding desire, that is; “annihilation in Allah”, they have recognized, that mundane life is nothing but an illusory scene and nearness to God is nothing but serving the mankind! And they consider the world, a place to equip the provisions for their spiritual journey. In such persons can the spiritual energy be awakened, by the permission of God who bestows upon them a blessed eternal life! The supreme Lord has approved their union with its oversoul!

Soul receives from Oversoul that knowledge, Therefore neither by book nor from tongue!If knowledge of mysteries come after Emptiness of mind that is illumination of heart!“M. J. Rumi”

Kundalini Awakening & dangerous Physical Techniques

Nominating such a description for felicity and eternity, the training environment of kundalini awakening can be regarded as the whole world! Not such training can be found in the training courses of physical science, because awakening is a divine command! Its school is the human society; its courses include; living close to people, helping them humbly, seeing the beauty in all type of creatures! Perceiving unity in diversity, observing the essence of creator in all beings and is opening a path to return to the God! This kind of instruction is to develop a unique feeling for a subjective fresh transformation!

Basically, this training course is not of physical type, by which a person can experience the arousal of kundalini and see the radiations of crystal clear divine light afterwards! That’s why you cannot see any quantity index statistics of advanced graduated disciples with awakened kundalini thru presented courses of kundalini yoga! The awakened kundalini energy is able to influence all aspects & activities of life! But this divine energy will be awakened in a qualified individual who moves lawfully and regularly in the path of nobility of deeds and altruism! Not a general principle can be imagined for awakening kundalini; this is against the laws of universe! It is only Allah, who can ignite a spark of its blessed essence in a mankind after putting him/her to test, and not any disciple can be awakened by merely a Transmission of the Guru’s grace through the Mystical process of Shaktipat which is wrongly supposed as a master key for every locked kudalini! This work can be done, only by the will of Allah due to disciple’s qualifications! That’s why you cannot recall any Guru who had done shakti-pat to all disciples at any time dependent on his/her will alone!

For those who have been lost in the contemplation of the divine immanence, God reveals his transcendence. And for those who are lost in the contemplation of God's transcendence, God reveals his immanence.“M. J. Rumi”

The essential requirements of awakening kundalini is to move honestly along the long roads; of living simply, of developing selflessness and of perceiving eternal spiritual realm, whereas holding a deep faith. The journey from material illusive world toward the true spiritual realm is the meaning of asceticism; it is a kind of belief and not a compulsory living style as being apart from society, eating very small meals, etc. Nowadays, what is called awakening techniques between the spiritual seekers are just an instantaneous and ill-timed stimulus of kudalini which will result in unrecoverable consequences and after-effects. Serious mental, emotional and physical disorders have been seen during this dangerous phase. Personally, I have faced after-effects of such a dangerous action in two male spiritual seekers; one stricken with dry hacking coughs, and the other one stricken with surprising abrupt complete head’s hair loss. Even cerebral palsy had been imaginable that they have escaped from! But even after acceptable health improvements due to long-term special ayurvedic therapies, there will be the probability of appearing of some unknown medical symptoms afterwards, which will engage them in unpredictable treatments as well! There would be also a possibility of death! Many death reports have been released of several individuals who had tried to physically stimulate their kundalini to achieve a sudden great leap in their evolution which is known to kundalini syndrome. My dear spiritual seekers should bear in mind that whenever they cannot control the stimulated energy; their kundalini will not only make them blessed and exalted, but also its released fire will burn their entity! They should take into consideration that the physical nature of mankind has restrained or blocked the all shortcuts for arousing such a potential energy! Even a Guru’s grace cannot play the role of a shortcut in the form of shakti-pat! The arousal of the kundalini is a divine command and cannot be done even by Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji; the greatest yogi of millennium, at anytime dependent on his will alone! Evolution of Mankind is a slow gradual process with no shortcut. Here, the story of “the tortoise and the hare” applies to both kind of awakening if possible! Yoga validates, everyone whose evolutional purpose is to love and to serve all of the supreme Lord’s creatures, without considering their; nature, gender, race, wealth, authority, color and religion, yet having no expectations, hoping no reward or of no yielding, even without obtaining a worldly benefit, will be dressed as the color of God and will achieve eternal felicity by an awakened kundalini in the form of “union with the supreme Being; Brahma”.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

“M. J. Rumi”

I emphasize that my dear spiritual seekers should not individually act for a so called issue of awakening, merely on the basis of published materials about kundalini! This action can finally be done under the guidance of an experienced and proficient spiritual preceptor, who is aware of all aspects of the process! Personal decision on such awakening is only comparable to psychosis!

My research shows that yoga scripts have clarified just a small part of the full arousal process. Therefore, much of the unwritten instructions are classified under the category of yoga secrets! Anyway, it is deduced that “the revealed method of awakening” of this hidden energy, can only be pointed out as an “abrupt and ill-timed physical stimulus” which results in a very dangerous after-effects and basically cannot be called a “true spiritual awakening”. The awakened spiritual energy will boost the individual’s consciousness about the entire universe! Mental and physical supernatural powers will be exposed which will affect all aspects of life. Can you say; why should such a creative and tremendous energy be aroused effortlessly, in somebody who is just fond of it?

Having believed in man’s immortality and presence of divine illuminating light, my dear spiritual seekers should never let the delusion of brief sojourn on earth; stop them from setting themselves free of greed and material desires in a self-assigned path. Only decisive, self-motivated and diligent devotees could have made their soul journey to the purpose of creation, yet could have developed their divine attributes, and could have achieved an outstanding position by the Lord!

This potential energy has a slight vibration in its original position and trembles the chakras at the same time. Without such a slight vibration, not any degree of consciousness could be revealed vitally in a mankind! This divine gift has formed a very low level of consciousness in the mankind, and whosoever could detect and follow the hidden laws of the universe, will be directed towards the higher levels of consciousness by the God itself!

according to the essence and nature of this energy, the 9 under-mentioned spiritual journeys can be addressed as a path toward a true, profound and inward awakening of kundalini thru your soul fly toward the unity!

9 Spiritual Journeys towards the Kundalini Awakening

1 -Know the fact of unity in the universe and resume your partnership with the oneness. Fly to unity.

2 -Uncover the infallible deep hidden laws in the universe. Surrender to unity.

3 -Nominate yourself to follow a regular lawful plan towards the sublimity and perfection. Shine for all.

4 -Develop selflessness and simple living; feel outwardly simple and inwardly rich. Care for all.

5 -Abolish egotism and mundane ambitions and stand against the storms of earthly life. Serve all.

6 -Load your heart full of unconditional love to the creator and all creatures. Love all.

7 -Invoke your subjective insight, as a passage to the spiritual realm. Inspire all.

8 -Nourish the ignorance and darkness with the crystal clear light of the Lord. Illuminate all.

9 -Incorporate your consciousness with the crystal clear light of the Lord towards oneness. Transform to unity.



As a matter of fact, the awakening of kundalini is not the cause of mankind’s evolvement, as it is understood by the spiritual seekers, but it takes effect along the spiritual journey towards developing innate divine qualities, and being merciful in the path to God as well! Its profound arousal gives a meaning to this journey, yet intensifyies it. Whosoever seeks the innate divine passion and wisdom, will certainly taste its fruit!

Knock, And He'll open the door, and He'll make you shine like the sun. Fall and He'll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, and He'll turn you into everything.“M. J. Rumi”

Hallelujah, God Bless you


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