Krissy Roberts is a tiny playscale infant doll in Mattel's Barbie toy line. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Krissy debuted in the Barbie line in 1999, joining siblings Skipper, Stacie/Tutti, Todd, and Kelly as the youngest baby sister of the world-famous fashion doll. Although their names or likenesses were never used in conjunction with her marketing, Krissy's parents are George and Margaret Roberts.

Krissy allows those who play with Barbie to have the doll interact and care for a very young baby, taking on a motherly role without actually being a mother. Krissy was sold both by herself, and in nurturing situations such as stroller and baby buggy sets with sister Barbie.

Unlike earlier success story Kelly, Krissy seems not to have caught on with the public, for she was only sold for a few years, and was last seen in 2001. The only same-size friend who was sold as part of her line was an unnamed female baby doll who had brown hair and eyes. Another baby doll who is the same size as Krissy is Nikki, Midge Hadley Sherwood's second child, who was sold as part of Mattel's "Happy Family" line in 2003.

Many other baby dolls have been sold as part of the Barbie line over the years, often sold with a baby-sitting doll. Others were sold with dolls of the world.

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