KrioRus is the first Russian cryonics company. Established in 2005 by 8 Russian cryonicists, it is the first cryonics company outside the United States, except for Alcor-UK (formerly Mizar Limited).

KrioRus offers neurosuspension (cryopreservation of the brain) (US $10,000), full-body cryonics suspension (US $30,000), pet cryonics suspension, DNA storage, body's transportation in dry ice and other related services to clients from Russia, CIS and EU.[1]

The company stores the brains of several patients: Lidia Fedorenko, Lubov Chernaya, an anonymous 60-year old man and others, in its facilities outside Moscow. Some full-body patients are also stored.

As of August 2011, KrioRus had 17 humans,[2] 2 cats,[3] 4 dogs and 2 birds in cryopreservation.


As of 2011, the KrioRus staff were:[4]

General Director Valerija Pride
Science Director Igor Artyukhov
Chairman Danila Medvedev
Doctor/Technician Eugenij Shumilov
Embalmer/Perfusionist Alexey Sulaev
Engineer/Philosopher Andrey Shvedko
Head of Technical Council Victor Grebenshikov

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