Kooley High is composed of six former N.C. State University students, who met on campus by way of hip hop. They started out as a student-run hip hop organization, known as H2O. The North Carolina group is made up of three MCs, Charlie Smarts, Tab-One, and Rapsody, two producers, Foolery and The Sinopsis, and a DJ, Ill Digitz. In 2009, they were introduced in the documentary "One Day" filmed, edited and directed by Napoleon Wright II founder of BecauseUs. Tab-One and Charlie Smarts are also in the hip hop band Inflowential. Rapsody is signed to 9th Wonder's JAMLA Records / It's a Wonderful World.

Eastern Standard Time (2010)

Eastern Standard Time is Kooley High's debut album, released on July 27th, 2010. It was initially released as a free download on In March 2011, it was re-released in physical format on Fatbeats worldwide distribution.


  1. Rae Intro (Produced by Foolery)
  2. Eastern Standard Time (Produced by The Sinopsis)
  3. Ya Times Up (Produced by Foolery)
  4. Somthin' Outta Nothin' feat. Median (Produced by Foolery)
  5. Betty Crocker (Produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam)
  6. Pedals (Produced by Napoleon Wright II)
  7. Certainly feat. HaLo (Produced by Foolery)
  8. All Day (Produced by The Sinopsis)
  9. Atmosphere (Produced by Foolery)
  10. Solitude feat. Median (Produced by Foolery)
  11. Too Slow feat. HaLo (Produced by Foolery)
  12. The Calling (Produced by Foolery)
  13. The Love I Need (Produced by Foolery)
  14. Float On (Produced by The Sinopsis)

(Bonus Track) Remember It feat. HaLo & Median (Produced by The Sinopsis)

Kooley High presents... David Thompson (2011)

David Thompson is Kooley High's second full-length album. The title pays tribute to famed NC State Basketball player David Thompson. Thompson is widely regarded as one of the greatest college Basketball players of all time. Kooley High presents... David Thompson was released on December 6th, 2011 on Fatbeats digital distribution.


  1. David Thompson (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  2. Regular Shit (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  3. Big Headed feat. DJ Pr!nce (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  4. Drop a Dime (If They Get On) (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  5. For The Record feat. Skyzoo (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  6. Dear Raleigh (Produced by Teknowledgy)
  7. Same Ol' Thing (Produced by Napoleon Wright II)
  8. Freak It feat. The Kid Daytona (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  9. Skyview feat. King Mez (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  10. Unfound feat. Homeboy Sandman (Produced by Napoleon Wright II)
  11. Laid Off (Produced by Napoleon Wright II)
  12. Days Passed Me By (Produced by Napoleon Wright II)
  13. Let It Rock On You (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)
  14. Yeah Yeah feat. Median (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)

(Bonus Track) 48 (Produced by DJ Pr!nce)



Kooley High was featured on Rolling Stone's Breaking Blog, saying:

  • The Band: Kooley High
  • The Buzz: Stunning North Carolina hip-hop group makes grand, thumping tracks from sliced-up soul and shards of R&B. It's like every song should be released on 45.
  • Listen If: You don't care how cold it is outside — to you, it's always summertime. And 1993.
  • Key Track: "Too Late," the kind of sizzling all-crew scorcher that would have done Arrested Development proud.[1]

Kooley High's track Everywhere Is Summer was featured on The Washington Post's Singles File, saying:

The North Carolina-based hip-hop nostalgists turn a remixed version of Common's "Everywhere" into a soulful, summery reminder of the mid-'90s, when jazz-influenced hip-hop outfits like A Tribe Called Quest roamed the Earth.[2]


Nicole Dawley of URB magazine reviewed Kooley High's The Summer Sessions E.P. writing:

With samples of Samuel L. Jackson in all his Pulp Fiction glory and production courtesy of 9th Wonder, Kooley High’s jazz flavored EP, The Summer Sessions: Gold Tooth Edition is the epitome of cool.

Together, Kooley High—Charlie Smarts, Rapsody, Tab-One (MCs), Sinopsis, Foolery and DJ Ill Digitz (producers/DJs) bring their soulful sound and refreshing carelessness on this summer inspired album. This album holds nothing innovative or revolutionary, but these kiddos are simply having a great time, and you can hear it track after track. They bring the best out of one another all while securing dope beats and slick anecdotes.

The first half of Summer Sessions is fun and amusing. “Too Late,” “Kool With It” and the lovey dovey track, “There You Go” shows that the North Cack emcees don't care about being too demanding or trite. However, they do get nitty-gritty in the album’s hottest track; the 9th Wonder blessed, “Water” which showcases Kooley High’s super duper ill flow. “We Be That” is where Rapsody aka RapDiddy, though surrounded by major testosterone, holds it down.

If the EP is this “K-O-O-L” we definitely can’t wait to hear a full length real soon. You can never go wrong with soulful boom-banging hip hop that makes you feel good.[3]

Lady J of Rotting Television reviewed Charlie Smart's F'Alex writing:

Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! serious hotness from this dude. Charlie Smarts, from the group Kooley High and Inflowential, has just released his first solo project called F’Alex. This mixtape is chop full of great tracks and great skits that lets you into the life of Charlie Smarts. Since it’s been released yesterday, ive heard the album about 5 times. Don’t, i mean Don’t sleep on theses emcees! A lil info about young Charlie Smarts, he’s signed with Mecca records with his group Inflow, and has worked with 9th Wonder along with some of his Bandmates from Kooley High. Check out my new fav song on the mixtape “Ms. America” and “Bonanza”.

Dope Tracks: My Baby, Ms. America, Bonanza, Lovin’ Me, Nobody"[4]



  • 2008: The Summer Sessions EP - Guest Production by 9th Wonder
  • 2009: F'Alex - Solo album by Charle Smarts
  • 2009: Tabloids - Solo album by Tab-One
  • 2010: Return of the B-Girl - Solo album by Rapsody
  • 2011: Eastern Standard Time
  • 2011: David Thompson

Upcoming Projects

  • 2011: Thank Her Now - Solo album by Rapsody



  • 2007: The Dream Merchant Vol. 2 - By 9th Wonder Featuring Rapsody on interludes
  • 2007: Venom - By Chaundon, Featuring Charlie Smarts on Everything Ain't Easy, Produced by Foolery
  • 2008: Internet Mixtape vol 1: the Underground - Mixed by DJ Ruckus
  • 2008: Rent's Due Pt. 3 Mixtape - By DJ Paradime & DJ Forge
  • 2009: The Dopeness - By Sunshine J - Mixed by DJ Ill Digitz, Featuring Tab-One on Time, Featuring Charlie Smarts on The Dopeness, Featuring Tab-One and Charlie Smarts on Release




  • 2008: Handle my Biz - Kooley High Feat. Skyzoo & HaLo
  • 2008: How to Make a Hit - Rapsody with M1 Platoon Produced by 9th Wonder


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