Koncrete Records was formed in 2002 when label member D-Roc came to Big Nok with the idea of starting a recording label that reflected the Englewood area and would show the versatility of Chicago artists. The name Koncrete comes from the area on Chicago.

Taking the reins, Christopher “Big Nok” Hawthorne and his twin brother Christian “Twin G” Hawthorne, began the process of putting together a self sustaining recording label. Thus Koncrete Records was born.

One of the first tasks was securing a studio to record in and a producer for beats. All of which was handled in house by Big Nok. He produced the first two mix CD's, “The Land Vol. 1 and 2”, which sold in neighborhood stores. The Land Vol.1 was recorded on Big Nok's computer with a $10 mic. Volume 2 was recorded at Moon Unit studio on the north side of Chicago. Most recently we have found a home with Oregano Studio which is owned by AWOL.

The members of Koncrete Records include Big Nok (CEO & artist), Twin G (Pres. & artist), and our artists.

Koncrete Records has recorded 5 albums, 2 of which (Block Music and Raw Cocaine Vol.1) are available on iTunes, Amazon and various other music sites.

Big Nok and Twin G grew up on the south side of Chicago in the West Englewood area. Even though they had a strict mother who was very involved in their lives, they were still exposed at an early age to the violence that is commonplace on Chicago's south side.

The twins attended CVS high school graduating in 1999. Always the entrepreneurs, they tried their hands at several businesses including investing in a cell phone store in 2001.

Koncrete Records is more than a rap or hip hop label. In 2008 Rocsta Inc. was added as a subdivision to add more diversity to the label. Rocsta music is a combination of rap infused rock.

Koncrete's music communicate the real struggle of the inner city along with recognizing the current state of affairs with politics, the economy and not being appeased by the status quo. Koncrete Records' CEO Big Nok has a vision to “Koncrete the world”. Koncrete is certainly positioning themselves to do so in 2011. Introducing artists such as J The Prince, to appeal to the younger audience will help grab market share and move their agenda forward.

Right now, Koncrete Records is working on their fourth studio album “Raw Cocaine Brick 2” slated for release in the first quarter of 2011. This album is going to be the best yet. Look for it and others on and iTunes.

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