Kolony, launched by Celcom on 8 of April 2011 was the first ever SMS-based social networking service in Malaysia [1]. Kolony targets Malaysian youths and those who would like to be connected to their family and friends frequently by using their mobile phone [2]. It runs on the regular SMS-based platform, allowing users to participate in social networking activities using the most basic mobile phones with or without 3G connection. Users can then register and use Kolony for their social networking needs [3]. It is a service consisting of a multi-user environment, including software and websites. After only a few weeks of its launch, Kolony recorded a total of 1.5million subscribers [4] [5]. It now has over 3.7million subscribers overall.


Kolony operates on Koinz, the currency, which can be acquired by making phone calls using Celcom’s prepaid mobile services or via normal SMS purchases. These Koinz enable the users to fully utilize Kolony and its features namely:

DING – Allows the subscriber to communicate one-on-one with any of their FRENs through a pop-up message.

FREN – Allows the expansion of the user’s Kolony network and gives access to other Kolony FRENs to follow the latest updates.

BOMM – Allows users to send updates to all their Kolony FRENs with just one BOMM. This service costs 10 Koinz.

POPP – A feature that allows the user to share his or her thoughts on someone’s BOMM. This service is charged 10 Koinz.[4]

Share KOINZ – Help FRENs that have run out of KOINZ.

KUIZ & TRIVIA - A feature that is education-based with IQ Test on General Knowledge, History, Sports & UPSR, PMR & SPM Questions.

CHAT – Users can choose to chat with others in Private or Public.

SHOUT - Kolony users can send a KSHOUT to Kolony events & their posts will appear on the TV screen, as well as SMS (via mobile phones).

KRUSH - A matchmaking quiz where users will have the chance to find love in Kolony.

KBUZZ - Enables users to send pre-recorded sound bites or their own voice to other Kolony users. (Nickname-based feature).

MMS - Users will be able to send a picture via KBOMM. For one – to – one MMS, users can use the KPOPP service. (Nickname-based feature).

VOTE – A voting system for users to participate in polls or online competitions.

LIKE - An interest-based group e.g. Music, Sports, etc. Suggestions to add others will be given to users and are based on mutual interests.

KLUB - For users who have 10,000 FRENs or more. This feature will increase their number of FRENs limitation. Usually used as a fan page for business and celebrities.

GAMES – Features short term campaigns such as Kolony Football Challenge.

CHEK – A location-based check – in feature that is similar to Foursquare.


Youths in Malaysia (especially in Peninsular Malaysia) are generally experienced social networkers who are already on various well-known social networks. In tandem with that, Kolony was created to cater to the avid social networking youth. The biggest challenge for Kolony was to make an impression and gain social credibility amongst these youths. Playing on the strongest virtue of youths everywhere - curiosity, Kolony was launched successfully with a series of guerilla styled teasers. Kolony was finally introduced as the identity behind the teasers and has since gained more than 3 million active subscribers.


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