Kolakaluri Enoch (born 1 July 1939) is an Indian academic. He hails from a poor dalit family of Vejendla, Guntur. He overcome the shackles of poverty and casteism by contributing his mind and might to produce literature and teaching and rose to the position of Vice-chancellor, Sri Venkateswara University (1998–2001). This year (2013) he is celebrating Platinum jubilee and the Diamond jubilee of his literary career.

Kolakaluri Enoch's achievements, as an administrator, University Teacher, Writer, Social activist, Awardee and Family man, are of great surprise to all.


Enoch's administration capabilities are remarkable. Apart from attaining the coveted post of vice-chancellorship of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, he was selected to "Emeritus Professor", (2007–2009), by the UGC, New Delhi. "Writer in Residency" (2008–2009) was offered to him by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi. He was the member, NCTE, Bangalore (2001–2004). The honorary title of "colonel for life" was conferred on him by the directorate of N.C.C.

As a vice-chancellor of S.V. University, Tirupati Enoch initiated many changes to strengthen the administration. University has started paying retirement benefits to employees on the very day of their retirement. S.V. University has made 146 appointments under CAS and 26 to IASE during his tenure as Vice-chancellor. It also signed MOU with ECIL to start MSIS and MSIT. During his tenure, S.V University conducted "Inter University Youth Festival", where 34 South Indian Universities participated. He updated syllabus of all P.G. and U.G courses and reformed the examination pattern of the University, which was heartily welcomed by the academia of the University. Prior to this, he was the member of syndicate, executive council, academic senate of all important universities in Andhra Pradesh. He was the chairman and resource person to UGC to evaluate MRPs, SAP, Emeritus Fellowship. He was chosen by the UGC to inspect 10th plan proposals of various universities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He was the observer, paper setter and examiner to UGC, NET and advisor to UPSC, New Delhi to select teaching faculty, AIR and DD personnel. He was the chairman of the different UGC visiting committees that visited various universities like Gulbarga University, Karnataka University, Telugu University, Osmania University, Kannanur University, Beirally University for the estimation of the requirements and eligibility for funds under 10th and 11th plans. He was also the chairman of the visiting committees to recommend grants under general development grants and merged schemes to various reputed colleges in India under 11th plan.

University Teacher

Kolakaluri Enoch made rich contributions to the teaching field through his teachings and research activities. His career as a teacher spans about 42 years. He began his teaching career as a lecturer in Telugu, A.C. College, Guntur in 1959, when he was only 19 years old. Before he was selected as lecturer in Telugu, S.V .University, Tirupati in 1974, he worked as a Govt. Degree Lecturer at Chittoor, Kakinada, Anantapur and Cuddapah. In 1977, he was selected to Reader Post in S.K. University, Anantapur and held positions like principal, dean of languages, dean of arts, director, SKIAD, secretary, SKIAD, Anantapur. His PhD, Doctoral thesis and post doctoral thesis are considered as the most potential works in their respective areas. He has successfully completed 10 Major Research Projects and 10 Minor Research Projects. The plight of marginalised sections, literary contributions of dalits, movements led by neglected sections against injustice are some of the areas which he selected for his research projects. 24 PhD candidates and 18 M.Phil candidates completed their research under his supervision and were awarded degrees. The fetching point is that most of them have secured jobs, either in the Govt. Degree and Junior Colleges or in the government itself. About 150 articles covering academic and social issues were published in the leading Telugu journals to which the response from writers and readers was overwhelming. About 200 thought provoking seminar papers (national and international) were to his credits. He received invitation from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, UGC, various Indian Universities, well reputed academic institutions and other important organisations to deliver lecturers. He delivered nearly 200 extension lecturers.

At the moment, Enoch's academic activities are in full swing.


Prof.Kolakaluri Enoch's contribution to the field of creative writing is commendable. His literary career spans about 60 years (at present he takes up the task of writing the biographies of his late wife and mother with all humiliation as he honours them immensely and his auto biography) and nearly 81 published books, comprising all genres of Telugu language i.e., 'poetry', 'drama', 'criticism', 'novel', 'essay', 'short story' and "translation" are to his credit. Every year he has been adding one or two books to the list of his published works.

Enoch has published nine novels so far. Many of them appeared as serials in Telugu journals before they had been published as novels and a few won prizes too. There were sixteen plays, some playlets and radio plays, to his credit. His "Munivahanudu", a play, was the non-detailed text for intermediate course of Andhra Pradesh during 1985–87. Some of his plays won the prizes of Telugu University and Sahitya Akademy, Hyderabad. As a short story writer, he has published eleven collections of short stories. His 'Urabavi' and 'Asprisyaganga', collections of short stories, won Telugu University awards. Scores of his Telugu short stories have been translated into English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil. Twelve anthologies of poems were published. Many of his creative and critical essays were published in various journals and anthologies. Kolakaluri Sumakiran, his youngest son, selected few essays with auto biographical elements, translated them into English and published with the title 'Divinity Thy Name is Mother'. As a critic, he published eleven works. He is also a translator and translated English works into Telugu and Telugu works into English. In 1985, he translated Bible New Testament into modern Telugu. He not only translated scores of his stories and one novel into English but also began writing poems and short stories in English. Many research scholars have drawn from his writings for their M.Phil and PhD, doctoral research; 12 PhD candidates and 18 M.Phil candidates from various Universities in Andhra Pradesh who worked on Professor Enoch's writings were awarded degrees. UGC, New Delhi and the other reputed organisations organized nine one-day, two-day, and four-day national seminars in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Social Activist

Prof. Kolakaluri Enoch, who hails from dalit community, came forward to champion the cause of dalits. He portrayed in his writings the life of marginalised sections in the society i.e., their painful experiences, failures, achievements, their protest to the point of perfection. He also supported the cause of dalits, women, minorities and other oppressed people by organising meetings, literary programmes where the problems of these sections had been discussed and tried to find solutions.

Prof. Kolakaluri Enoch is the president of "Ambedkar Vignana Peetham", Anantapur from 1972 to till date. As the president he organised many meetings and discussed many issues. He was the president of Dalit Writers' Association, Hyderabad from 1991–1994. His commitment to social justice and women empowerment is commanding. As he was professor in the department of Telugu, S.K.University, many candidates from minority sections and women candidates were awarded PhD degrees. SKIAD in S.K. University, a scheme that was launched in 1984 to conduct coaching programmes for SC/ST/BC and women to appear for examinations of UPSC, APPSC, APSC and BSRB, and other recruiting agencies and also coaching for them in EAMCET examinations, was the brain child of Kolakaluri Enoch. The purpose was served as many candidates attended the training programmes secured jobs and seats in Engineering and Medical colleges. It was very hard to draw the lime of demarcation that separates Enoch as a writer and Enoch as an individual in life. As a writer, he aspires for social justice and in his life too he aspires for the same. When madigas aimed at the categorisation of SC reservations and launched "Dandora" movement, Enoch championed cause and extended great publicity to it by contributing thought provoking articles where he supported their genuine demand. He also took part in the movements of SC/ST/BC, women and minorities to secure them social justice.


Having been missed many prestigious awards since 1985, Enoch is content with his lot. He is the recipient of many awards. "Telugu Bharati Puraskram", C.P. Brown Academy, Hyderabad, "Mallemala Sahitya Puraskaram", Mallimala Trust, Kadapa, "Telugu Bhashotsava Puraskaram", Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad are a few to mention. Many of his works had been awarded by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, "Sahitya Academy", AIR and by different Universities. He received many awards for Education literature and social activities. "Best Teacher Award" 1993', Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, "Ambedkar National Literary Award" 1997", National Dalit Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, "National Integration Award" 1994', Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Madras Telugu Academic literary award are only a few to speak about. Many a bornour conferred on him. He was a member of jury to select entries for "T.V. Nandi Awards" of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh 1992, he unveiled the statue of Kavayitri Molla on the Tankband in 1986, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh are a few. 'Andhrasri', 'Kalasaraswathi', Sahiti Samrat', 'Katha Chakravarthi', are the titles conferred on him. Singapore, Malayasia, Mauritius, Jordan, Jerusalem, Singapore, Canada and USA are the countries he had visited as a part of his academic activities.

Family Man

Prof.Kolakaluri Enoch is a family man. He loves his family immensely and his family members honour him to the core. Late Smt. K.Vishramthamma and late Sri K.Ramaiah are his parents. Smt.K.Marthamma, retired Teacher, Guntur is his sister and K.Nagabhushanamma, retired Station Manger, Railway Bangalore is his brother. His children Dr.K.Asha Jyoti, Professor of Telugu Bangalore University, Bangalore, Sri K.Srikiran, Senior Manager, Vizag Steel Plant, Hyderabad, Dr.K.Madhu Jyothi, Professor, Telugu, S.P.Mahila University, Tirupati, Dr.K.Sumakiran, Associate Professor of English, S.V .University, Tirupati love him very much and they never deviate themselves from the path he has shown to them to walk along.

His daughter Dr.K.Ashajyoti and Dr.K.Madhu Jyoti instituted two awards in the names of his mother (Kolakaluri Vishranthamma Puruskaram) and wife (Kolakaluri Bhagirathi Puruskaram) to be given to two best works of any two literary genres published in one calendar year. A momento and cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- each is given to the two best works every year.

Books Published


1) Ashajyoti

2) Sharaa Maamuley

3) Kulam-Dhanam

4) Nannu Kalagananivvandi

5) Kalale Khaarkana

6) Tridrava Pataakam

7) Cheppulu

8) Aadhi Andhrudu

9) Merupula Aakasham

10)Kanneeti Gonthu

11)Voice of silence

12)Nishabda Swaram


1) Key

2) Jai Hind

3) Manalaanti Manishi

4) Munivaahanudu

5) Saakshi

6) Kolakaluri Nataka Sahityam

7) Edigo Yesukreesthu

8) Needa

9) Votlata

10)The Fifth Estate


1)Drishti (Collection of playlets)

2)Jyoti (Collection of playlets)

3)Abhyudayam (Collection of playlets)

4)Amma (Collection of playlets)

5)Radio Naatikalu(Collection of playlets)

6)T.V.Naatikalu (Collection of playlets)


1) Samatha

2) Anaadha

3) Soundaryavati

4) Soubhagyavathi

5) Irulalo Virulu

6) Ekaadundi Prashanthi?

7) Rendu kallu – Muudu kaallu

8) Sircaru Gaddi

9) Anantha Jeevanam

10)Maazi Manishi

11)Kaala Meghalu

12)Stree Darshanam (collection of novels)

13)Dalita nivedanam(collection of novels)

14)Samaja Sandarshanam(collection of novels)


1) Gulaabi navvindhi(Collection of stories)

2) Bhavaani(Collection of stories)

3) Idaa Jeevitham(Collection of stories)

4) Voorabhavi(Collection of stories)

5) Suryudu Thalethaadu(Collection of stories)

6) Asprushya Ganga(Collection of stories)

7) Kattedi(Collection of stories)

8) kolupulu(Collection of stories)

9) Kaaki(Collection of stories)

10)Dalitha Kathaanikam(Collection of stories)

11)pedamma Gudi(Collection of stories)

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