KnightWatchers is a YA Science Fantasy series authored and illustrated by Jason D Williams. The books chronicle the adventures of three teenage boys: Alabam - a reformed space pirate, Wheeler ("Ace") -2 Maverick - a young pilot and clone of his former body that died as a result of a virus, and Flahsbextris Flutia ("Flash"), a refugee alien from the planet Neutronia, a race of beings that possess atomic powers. The three form a mismatched Honor Guard of sorts that protect Princess Alayna Chrystalis, all the while attending classes at Tecmonian Institute - an astro militia academy formed to create a young generation of space-soldiers. The books combine elements of comedy, science-fiction, adventure, coming-of-age, and fantasy. It is presented in a tongue in cheek narrative where the author (Williams) does a commentary throughout. Originally written as a script for a public access cable show, Williams drew the characters in high school as comic book cartoons that were later given origins and subplots. The texts grew into story lines (25 short stories) that Williams wrote from 1993-1995. After drawing a modest fan base of friends in college, Williams lengthened the short stories to novellas in 1998.

As of 2012, there are three novels released in the series: The Call (the first episode), The Chalice of Dusk and Dawn (the second episode), and Sins of the Father (the third episode).

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