Klara at Fool Festival

Klara at Fool Festival

Klara discography includes 2 studio albums, 1 remix album and 6 official singles. Klara started her career back in the 70's as a lead artist in comedy show "Anshlag". She began then her solo career as a musician and singer in 2011 and released her first promo single "Sosiska" starring an aditional rising star Google Baba. "Sosiska" was highly appreciated by contemporary critics. That pushed Klara to release her first studio album "30+". The lead single "30+" debuted at the top of Billboard Top 100 and many other charts and met generally favorable reviews from critics all around the world noticing her brilliant voice and the catchy melody of the song. Since then Klara released 5 singles all of which were at the summit of Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. Her second album, called "VGNA" - an acronym-copycat to MDNA by Madonna, was planned to be released on the 18th of June 2012 but leaked a week earlier what didn't stop it from debuting at number 1 worldwide and selling 246 million copies in its first week.

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  • Studio albums
  • Remix albums
  • Singles

Studio albums

Album Year US Top 200 Position
30+ 2011 1
VGNA 2012 1

Remix albums

Album Year US Top 200 Position
The Remix 2012 TBA


Single Year Hot 100 Position
30+ 2012 1
Dura Reloaded 2012 1
Godga 2012 1
Born To Work 2012 1
LBKA 2012 1
Dura Gone Wild 2012 1
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