"Kirisute Gomen" is a song by heavy metal band, Trivium, released as the first single from their fourth album, Shogun. It was made available as a free digital download through the Roadrunner Records website for 24 hours on July 31, 2008 (2008-07-31).[1]

The phrase "Kirisute Gomen" is of Japanese origin. It means, "authorization to cut and leave" or "Don't mind me while I'll cut off your head" and was often said by samurai before they made their kill.


The acoustic guitar at the start of the song plays the vocal melody from the chorus in "Shogun". Also, the line "He who walks the fire breathes" is used again in "Into the Mouth of Hell We March", but instead is said as "Now you see, for it is we who walk the fire and breathe."


  1. Trivium: New Song to Be Made Available for Download This Week. (2008-07-29). Retrieved on 2008-09-06.
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