Kinney Karate

Kinney Karate, is an internationally recognized Martial Arts school founded by Michael Kinney (Kinney Karate) in 1969. The Kinney Karate system began with the influence of Tang Soo Do as introduced by Martial Arts legend, Ki Whang Kim. Over the last 50 years, Michael Kinney's experiences, as both a fighter and coach, blended with his unique skills, has earned Kinney Karate the reputation as one of the world's Elite Martial Arts Schools. In 1969, Michael Kinney earned the first Black Belt in the Tang Soo Do Karate Association (TKA) and served as it's Chief Instructor from 1969-1981. Beginning in the mid-1960's, Michael Kinney pioneered large scale Martial Arts training in Recreation Centers and YMCA's, eventually accumulating over 2,000 students in over 50 locations throughout Maryland. Kinney Karate was also was an early Martial Arts pioneer, among one of the first schools, to introduce large scale Martial Arts classes for children and women, in a field previously dominated by men. In 1968,Michael Kinney, partnered in hosting, one of the first, large Martial Arts overnight sports camps, and tournaments that reached out to other Martial Artists in the populated Metropolitan Washington suburbs and spanning 6 states. Michael Kinney was an early popular and successful champion "point fighter" who trained, and brought massive numbers of students into competition starting in the Golden Age of the Martial Arts. In 1981, Michael Kinney moved to Florida, to follow his newly "retired" parents to the Tampa Bay area. There, he duplicated his success and began the first large recreation program that pioneered the expansion of other programs into the City of St. Petersburg Recreation Department. Kinney Karate has produced, hundred's of national and state champions and Michael Kinney has since trained top fighter and form competitors including the World Tang Soo Do Association World champion fighting title holder. Mr. Kinney has been featured on National Televison, Magazines, and Newspapers. He has worked alongside many of the greatest Martial Artists in the world including Modern Arnis founder, Remy Presas, and Wally Jay, the founder of Small Circle Ju-Jitsu, among others. He was one of the first Martial Artists to market in television programming with one of the first series of thirty minute Martial Arts shows, titled, "Kinney Karate World". Michael Kinney has brought his innovative training based a variety of Martial Arts disciplines to conferences, clinics, seminars and schools world-wide. Many technical Martial Art skills have been attributed to being defined by his expertise. Michael Kinney has trained uncountable numbers of Black Belt instructors over his career, and has left a permanent linage of students influenced by this unique style of teaching. Michael is a 10th Degree Black Belt and is currently based in St. Petersburg, Florida and operates '''Kinney Karate''', with an enrollment of over 600 students. Michael Kinney still actively teaches and travels presenting his popular Seminars at conferences, events, organizations, and schools. It is estimated that Kinney Karate has introduced over a million students, and thousands of Black Belts in the last four decades.


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