Kinghorse was an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky formed by Mike Bucayu and Sean Garrison in 1988, after the split up of their first band Maurice. Their self titled full length was produced by Glenn Danzig in 1990.

Band history

With the split up of Maurice (a band who had opened for Samhain several times), Mike Bucayu and Sean Garrison went on to form Kinghorse, originally practicing with guitarist Alex Durig of The Endtables before landing with their local guitar hero Mark Abromavage. It is rumored that the name "Kinghorse" was drawn out of a hat that contained a handful of other possible names, including "Rumpledforeskin." According to Sean, the name comes from a classic Elvis Costello tune.

The original incarnation of the band produced 2 successful 7"s and the Glenn Danzig produced self titled record on Caroline Records, as well as enjoying some touring, such as opening for Danzig on several dates in 1989.

Later Incarnation

In 1994 Kinghorse reformed with new bassist Jerry Cunningham. But this didn't last long as the conflicting personalities within the band and external pressure from Caroline Records finally caused Kinghorse to implode in the summer of 1995.


  • Freeze/Brother Doubt 7" (1989)
  • Kinghorse (S/T) (1990)
  • Going Home/Lose It 7" (1992)
  • Too Far Gone (1995)de:Samhain (Band)

fr:Samhain (groupe) fi:Samhain sv:Samhain (musikgrupp)

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