Kingdom of Smallia
Motto: in terra pacem et beatitudinem
Anthem: ""Moonlight Sonata"" by Beethoven
Membership 6
Date of foundation May 22nd, 2012
Leadership King Andrew I
Organisational structure Kingdom de jure
Dictatorship de facto
Language English
Purported currency Smallian Dollars
Capital Tetbury

The Kingdom of Smallia (pronounced small-eye-ah) is an unrecognized landlocked state, although it is often called a micronation. Located in Tetbury, Gloustershire, England. micronation created by Sir William Romney's School, Tetbury student named Andrew Creed and His mother on May 22nd 2012. The Kingdom of Smallia's current monarch is "HM King Andrew I". Andrew & His Mother founded Smallia because being espired by the Principality of Sealand.


  • This project traces back to 2004 when Andrew's Mum wanted to be in power, so his Mother found out about Bir Tawil a unclaimed area between Egypt and Sudan, so she made a claim and declared herself as Queen of Bir Tawil
  • In 2012 Andrew declared his house a independent nation he called it "The Union of Smallia". The name "Smallia" came from the land he claimed to be Small and the latin language.

Mary Seacole Day

Mary Seacole Day is in honor of Mary Seacole a black nurse in crimean war who set up the "British Hotel". Mary Seacole Day is on 20th December.


Kingdom of Smallia's Website

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