King Street, also known as Historic Malvern, is a historic street located in the borough of Malvern in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It is home to a multitude of various businesses and is the hub of a community, activities, and households.


King Street is the main street that goes through the Borough of Malvern. King Street is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania and is filled with stores, small businesses, and homes. The Street has been around since 1964. Malvern was originally called "Intersection" because of the railroads that ran through the town. The railroad in Malvern was the first to intersect with the bigger line, so it became known as simply just Intersection. People began to flock to Intersection because of the business opportunities such as building new churches and buying and renting land for houses. David Evans, William Penn Evans, and Josiah Roberts were a few of the businessmen who bought up large portions of land in Intersection. They sold off some sections, built up others to rent and sell, and also donated a few portions. When the railroad was improved, the name Intersection got changed to Malvern in 1873. Malvern soon broke free of Willistown Township and became the Borough of Malvern. King Street has been one of the most important stops on the railroad and made Malvern a hub for many businesses. Businesses have come and gone from King Street including five star restaurants and many small businesses. Over the years, King Street has become and remained to be an important asset to the retail, professional, and food businesses in the Borough of Malvern.[1]


Historic Malvern, or King Street, is located within Malvern, Pennsylvania. Malvern is located in Southeast Pennsylvania, within Chester County. It is located on the northern border of Willistown Township, west of Philadelphia between Paoli and Frazer. King Street is split up into East and West King Street. It is off of Route 30 and parallel to the septa train line. There is a train stop right in the middle of King Street. Off of King Street is South Warren Avenue, which connects to Paoli Pike. Malvern Preparatory School is located on South Warren Avenue.[2]


Malvern is home to 2,444.60 people per square mile according to the 2000 census.[3] Malvern's inhabitants are made up of 91.1% white population, 3.8% black population, and 1.6% Hispanic population.[4] 91.9% of Malvern's residents have achieved a high school education or higher, and 50.2% have attained a bachelor's degree or higher.[5] According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the National Archive of Criminal Justice data, the most frequent crime committed within Chester County is Larceny at 5,986 offenses reported in 2000, with burgerlary the second most frequent at 1,076 offenses. The least common offenses were murder, at seven offenses, and rape at 63 offenses.[6]


Most of the businesses on King Street are unique and one of a kind businesses that seem to be specific to Malvern. There are many little shops and boutiques as well as well-known restaurants and interesting craft stores. Some of the more notable businesses are Alba's Restaurant, Gingy's Boutique, Catalina's Restaurant, Occasions, Posh, and King Street Traders just to name a few. A few businesses have been long-term tenants, including Apparel for Men, Kohlerman Pharmacy, and Worell's Butcher Shop. After 125 years, the longest standing Business in Malvern is the National Bank of Malvern. The bank was established in 1884 and was located at 120 East King Street and is now located at 2 West King Street.[7]

Along with the long standing businesses, comes the beautiful and long lasting architecture on King Street where businesses now reside. Although new businesses have moved into the old buildings, they still withhold their old charm with flavor. One of the oldest buildings on King Street is The Malvern Inn at 12 W. King Street. For decades, it has been a landmark and is located across the street from the train station. The Inn is a very well known building in Malvern with beautiful architecture. It is now owned by the National Bank of Malvern. In the past, the Malvern Inn has been a drug store, restaurant, inn, post office, apartments, and a variety of other stores. The Malvern Inn is now the home to Gingy's Boutique. Another old building is located at 16 East King Street. Built in 1909, R.T. Warner Hardware was the first business to be in this building. After that, it has been the home to many other businesses and now it is where King Street Traders is located. One of the most interesting businesses that resided on King Street was Charles E. Hire's condensed milk and root beer business, which was built in 1899. Condensed milk was produced there until 1917, when Nestle took over the building. In the 1930s, the building became aged and unstable therefore it was knocked down. Now, Sheffield Furniture and Interiors and the Malvern Design Center are on the foundations. King Street in Malvern continues to have old town attraction, as well as new and exciting businesses.[8]


The Malvern Fall Festival occurs in October where families come out to King Street to enjoy some fall festivities. There is pumpkin carving, hayrides, food, and music. King Street is partially closed down and many of the stores remain open as well as temporary craft vendors.

Victorian Christmas is also a tradition in Malvern that occurs annually. The main part of Victorian Christmas is along King Street, which is closed allowing people to wonder. It is a time to celebrate the holidays and light up the town. There is a Santa Clause for the children to give their wishes to and many festivities for all. Many stores along King Street are open and offer hot cider, hot chocolate, fun, and shopping. There are free horse and carriage rides as well.

In the spring, King Street hosts a festival called Malvern Blooms. It is very similar to the Fall Festival but it celebrates the springtime. There are craft vendors down the street and it attracts people locally and from out of state.[9]


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