Killing Christian poster

Killing Christian poster

Killing Christian is an independent feature length motion picture released in 2005. A dark romantic comedy, with a combination of narrative story and black and white fantasy elements, it examines what happens in the minds and in the lives of three characters, who all happen to be in love with the same man. The film marked the feature film debut of Jason O'Brien, and was an original screenplay written by Laura Mullins and Jason A. Kendall.


Kiling Christian is a love triangle with murderous intent. It is a dark comedy about the primal things people will do to secure the things they want. Hunter, Faith, and Talon all love Mark Devlin in their own way. When he suddenly calls and says he's changed, they each have hope that he will confess his love and give them the life they've always wanted. That illusion is shattered when he introduces each of them to his new fiance, Christian Wood. Although the three hate each other, they find themselves devising a plan to eliminate their newest competition for the man they want.


Killing Christian premiered in Birmingham, Alabama, the city where it had been filmed, in November of 2005 to a sold out crowd of nearly 500 people. It then made its film festival premiere in January of 2006 at the 2nd Annual Southern Fried Flicks Film Festival in Augusta, Georgia.

Abbi Butler

The film marked the film debut of Abbi Butler, who went on to make a small appearance in the big budget film The Benchwarmers.


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