Kianna "Kichi" Danielle-Zandra Espereza (born July 25, 1987) is an American reality personality who is a cast member on the General XT hit all-american TV series New Jersey Heat. Since the 2008 debuted to this present time, Espereza has been known particuly as a reality tv actress, and known to the public as a fun spirit half american/Italian Descent. Espereza has guest featured on production & shows like "Life UP High", "Suckerfree", & "GTV". She's also been on talk shows like "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", "Chealsea Lately", "Lopez Tonight". She's been in magazines like; "HyperRush" & "People:Magazines". She's currently on the New Jersey Hea show on the exclusive season; "Season 4: Bad Vs. Evil" with co-stars. While filming the show Espereza announced that she and her co-star Nokia "Noiki" Ponselle were pregnant with her third child.

Early Life

Espereza was born in Newark, New Jersey of Hawaiian and Italian-American family. Her family are nomads so she moved from place to place. At the age of six years she & family moved to Honululu, Hawaii then four years later they moved to Blackpool, England. Shortly after, due to Espereza's Grand-mother's death she then went to stay with her other relatives in bolonga, Italy. After awhile they then moved back to the state of New Jersey where Espereza attended high School. Espereza received her nickname by first liking the name Keko meaning "Let your imaginations go free" she wanted to adopt that name and chose the closest name to match "Kichi". She attended the high school in "Hoboken High School" Hoboken, New Jersey where Espereza met her co-star and best friend on the series Kiari "Kia" Lyman. There she found an intreset in Pediatrics but stuck to a more antique clique like Professional Comedian.


Espereza's career started out as a comedian performing in front of small groups or private clubs. After this success she then starting trying out making raw viral videos of herself and close friends/relatives calling her association group "Italian Trash". when the 2008 AAMVV animation Cooperation were on a search to find reality actors and actresses about they're true lives he happened to notcie the "Italian Trash" gang. When met Espereza and the Italian Trash it was decided that they were to get admitted into becoming reality TV actors. As of certain qualities because they all were of New Jersey residents it was decided that they were to be called "New Jersey Heat" even though the former suggestion was "Iatlian Trash" but the phrase it's self was to brode and incohecieve. It took $25,000 in investment fr the series to kick off. On the series Espereza was offened identified as short, self-minded, & arrogant by co-star and long term enemy Lilliana"Lita" Gores. This didn't stop her aspecially how she is one of the most paid co-stars in the reality tv world. There has denfinitley been some on goings in the series like in the first season Kichi was not only pregnant for her first child by her so called ally/good friend Nokia "Noiki" Ponselle but with his rage in the RoundHouse club in Jersey City, NJ he punched her in the lower jaw. She was then rushed to the Scottsland Hospital & Resorte. Espereza has been also seen in some upside down brawls & arguements with co-star Lilliana "Lita" Gores. They've been seen in feisty arguements and physical/Verbal fights. Espereza referred her relationship with Gores "A path that never ends, if you keep it up then you'll never hear the end of it". Eventhough to the public it seems as though they're relationship is always negative they happened to in 2012 on the season finale of the first NYC crisis when they were robbed and stalked by a stalker it was Espereza and Gores and the to of them bonded together. The amounts of time the spends together is even how they are behind closed doors.


Espereza was featured in the March 25th 2009 edition of Celebrity Shows Cast on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Espereza has approxiametaly been in 35 different types of interviews and public notices.

Espereza has also suffered from anorxiea and spoke out about it to a People Magazine ad/interview about her side of the story and how it felt. Shen now tries to help everyone else who seem to fall as victims.

In September 2010 after releasing another season of the series "season 2" Espereza was in the season of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition and spoke out about the homes and styles of New Jersey homes.

Personal Life

Espereza own residents in Manhasset, New York after filming the official season of "Season 4 Bad vs. Evil" with boyfriend Nokia "Noiki" Ponselle with there two kids soon to be three.

On September 2008 while filming season 1 Espereza announced she was pregnant with Ponselle's baby. Then on July 29, 2009 she gave birth to their first child Morrocco Dieugi Roman Ponselle. Then after the conclusion of season 3 because the seasn 4 saga was schedule sooner around that time on February 2011 she was pregnant for thier second child. Later that year on November 26 2011 Espereza and Ponselle welcomed their second child. On January as chronicled to the season 4 saga now currently Espereza and Ponselle are soon to expect their third child.

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