Kholofelo Maloma

  • Kholofelo Maloma was born in 1991, October, 16th. He is a South African citizen, born in Limpopo Province of South Africa.
  • His home language is Sepedi.
  • His name is a Pedi name that means Hope

School Life

He started school in 1996, Matabane Preschool for one and half years. He then graduated preschool and started grade one (first grade) at Penge Primary School. Later in his primary school, he left Penge and schooled at Rotole Primary school. He finished his grade 7 there and was registered for High School at Leolo High School.

He finished High School at Leolo in 2009, and started first year University at UCT (University of Cape Town). He studied BSc Computer Science there.

A cartoon centipede reads books and types on a laptop.

The Wikipede edits Myriapoda.

Life Style and Family

Kholofelo Maloma is a Born again (Christianity). He grew up in a Christian family, but he himself was not born anew. Until he truly got saved in 2011 November 11th. After this remarkable day, his life has totally changed, his everyday talk is about Jesus Christ, his Facebook posts are all Christian and he believes that Jesus Christ has called him for ministries. He also believes that no one can ever be saved by anything outside Christ.

His favorite words are "Whatsoever you held onto, make sure it will save you when the Lord Christ returns!".


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  1. Facebook page
  2. see his Varsity page
  3. one of his blogs

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