Khod Redd Born- January 21, 1992 of the name Kedric Moore in a small home of 2 parents and 7 kids (middle child). He never had to worry about anything as a child growing up because his father was a provider. The tragic passing of his father Eric Moore Sr. was a huge hit because his mother Ayanna Sparrow never had to work when he was still living. Since than major struggle occurred causing her to find jobs than lose them in that same week. That's when the than young Kedric "Khod Redd" said he had enough and was going to take care of his family no matter how hard it is or seemed.. He was going to find a way!
Khod Redd now older 12 worked off and on jobs to support his family that was doing better selling Tapes and cold water in this hot humid Florida weather. After a long day of working he came home and there he found his cousin "Vincint Moore" in his home giving his mother a tape of his music that he was making and wanted them to hear. Khod Redd young and alerted wanted to know what it was so, he inserted the tape without any hesitation. Khod Redd than and there fell in love with that sound and wanted to know more about it. Vincint told him that it was called "Real Music" and than laughed and told the 12 year old Khod Redd that he can make it too all he had to do was write his problems down on a note pad and make it personal than he said "Don't forget to make it rhyme". Kode Redd was very excited and there he welcomed music into his life.
Since than Khod Redd has been giving his heart. body & his soul to his music. He is very Underrated & Unsigned  But, also super Talented and full of Wisdom.. Oh and also weird.. but in an awesome way!

currently signed to Marvelous Records (MR)

Stats are also being updated

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