Khandadhar water fall is 54 km. away from Keonjhar town of Odisha. The waterfall, gushing down in the shape of a sword, forms a height of 800 ft over the top of a mountain. It is considered to be 12th highest water fall of India. Surrounded by the dense forest, the scenic beauty of the place is sure to give you an everlasting impression.

A little after its origin, The cataract appears to be an avalanche gushing down dancing in flakes. Each flake looks like a meteor making shimmering line being diminished as the fall comes in contact with the large flat rock in its half way. Every time there is a sudden squall which causes the fall to oscillate. Then the fall looks as if snowflakes are being landed. The sparkling water drops leaves everybody dousing. The most captivating sight is the rainbow which is formed at the base of the water fall, appears to be dancing as the water fall oscillates.

It beckons you for a short sojourn for its scenic beauty. After a trip, your soul is sure to be rejuvenated.

Harichandan Kar



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