KeyTrans an online transliteration tool developed by T6 Labs. It enables the user to write text in Indic and other non-Latin-based languages, using Latin characters.

The technology does away with scheme-based transliteration system that expect users to follow set rules while typing for ex a for अ aa for आ. It uses Artificial Intelligence(Machine learning techniques) in which machine learns different patterns in a language from a training set. This technology has ability to take context (topical/syntactic) into account so words with multiple mappings are also converted correctly.

With dictionary size of over a hundred thousand words, conjuncts, support for proper nouns and foreign language almost everything can be written in Languages of India. One of the most interesting feature of this technology is its predictive transliteration. Predictive transliteration or Auto-Correct feature as we call it, automatically converts to most probable transliteration for the input word. All the user needs to do is type-in the text which he/she wishes to input, and it automatically predicts what the user's typing corresponds to. With so many features it achieves an accuracy of more than 95% for text that includes English words too.

The latest version is only available in Hindi, but older versions can be used for:

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