KEVIN-PAUL SCARROTT Cartographer Stavanger, Norway.

Kevin-Paul has spent a number of years developing the material that has formed the basis of the Stavanger Map Guide.

Born in the United Kingdom and Colonies, the son of a British Army soldier, Kevin-Paul has spent most of his life travelling the globe, initially with his father, then later as a Petty Officer with a Norwegian cruise shipping line.

After a near lifetime of travel, he has settled in Norway, where his globetrotting experiences are reflected in his creative map design.

Please feel free to send him a message Here.

The following maps constructed and designed by Kevin-Paul have been released for Wikipedia Commons:

File:Stavanger city map.png
File:To & From Stavanger map.png
File:Stavanger city map japanese.png
File:Stavanger city map mandarin.png
File:Stavanger plan de ville.png
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