Kevin Boyle: The South African Secret Service (SAS) Agent notorious for his involvement in state espionage, however the alias has never actually been confirmed to have been involved in any operations or even to be real at all. The profile is listed as the number six man on North Korea's 'most wanted' list and in numerous other countries for counts of sabotage and other associated crimes against states.

Kevin Boyle is believed to have first been involved in the SAS at the age of seventeen after accidently being involved in a secret operation just outside Pretoria in 2002. It is said that the identity single handedly apprehended five assassins before their attempt at a terrorist attack on the South African Parliament.

The identity, recognised for his skill and commitment to the state, was inducted into the MI6 in London for training and further education.

The profile has since been associated with numerous joint international operations. However, due to the nature of such topics, no government has of course ever admitted to such activity, nor commented on any such existence of the profile.

However, the profile has made many international news papers, most notoriously for his visit to the Japanese embassy in 2009, details of the visit were never made public but fuelled an international conspiracy theory of the identity and his involvement in international operations of espionage.

It is believed that Kevin Boyle was offered sanctity under the Common Wealth and is currently under protection in Australia.

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