Kent Academy is a football team that was founded in 1975. It started as a Amateur football squad but by the 1990's had gotten a lot of attention by FA football scouts, FA then put funding into the team to make it a Semi-Professional football team.

This is the squad as of May 2012. (Will be the squad for 2012-2013 season)

Sq No. Position Name Appearances Goals
1 Goalkeeper James Kanar 78 0
2 Defender Victor Henry 44 1
3 Defender Ashley Patridge 57 0
4 Midfielder Charlie Allen 52 12
5 Midfielder Nathan Wayman (C) 72 19
6 Defender Tom King 94 5
7 Midfielder Joshua Wilkins 27 17
8 Midfielder Kieran Butler 80 26
9 Striker Daniel Osbourne 55 31
10 Striker Kelvin Sampson 91 40
11 Striker Reece Hill 6 5
12 Defender Jordan Williams 64 3
14 Midfielder Jake Taylor 12 6
15 Defender Patrick Murdock 74 9
16 Goalkeeper Robert Jonison 12 0
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