Kenny Alvadore. (KEN-E AL-VA-DOOR) Born June 29, 1911- present day. Age 100. K. Alvadore resides in Pennsylvania.

Early Life Kenny Alvadore was born as a female who was raised with a sister, Tessa. Kenny's name was Sierra. Not to long after Alvadore turned five he was taken hostage by his toilet. The evil toilet (inside sources say his name is Buck) is still in the house today. Kenny and his brother (Arbie Alvadore, formally known as Tessa, who was also taken hostage by the toilet) were transformed into men. When Kenny was around the age of eight, his sister Rozetta was born. Thankfully, as Kenny once said in an interview by CNN, they were able to protect their sister from the evil doings of the toilet.

Family Kenny has one brother and two sisters. Arbie, Rozetta, and Henretta. Alvadore has minions as well. These minions are called, Francis, Mr. Snuggle Poo, Meeko and Minxy (also known as the evil rats). K. Alvadore and A. Alvadore recently lost two minions known as Pippy and Pepay. Pepay's cause of death is unknown as of now. It is believed that he starved to death because the Alvadores didn't feed him anything except dead bugs. Pippy went missing around December of 2011 and has yet to return. It is believed that he is a run away. Police are still searching as of May, 2012. Kenny lives with his mother, VeDe, after losing his dad, the Catman in July, 2011.

Education and Career Kenny went to Dan Dover School For Boys until the age of eleven. After eleven Kenny dropped out to sell brown bags on street corners. It wasn't until Kenny was 63 when he got a real job at Walmart. He now lives comfortably earning about eight dollars an hour.



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