Keliq Washington aka "kedal Washington" is a formal songwriter, singer, raper, comedian, and performer who is always looking for improvement of himself. Since Keliq is a perfectionist, he disires that perfect song that always comes to his head. Keliq is also a writer and is planning to publish his book "Keliq V.S. Keliq. Book 1 ; the beginning." He currently still goes to high school mwhich that imformation is private.
     Keliq is also a youtube show host on his talk show, "The Keliq Washington Show". He is also the one of the motivators on stopping abortion. He also has many of blogs and social networks, and has also created his own called "Kendalworld" ( He is one of the biggest helpers of his community and, seeks to improve the American way of life. Keliq has also supported the "Stop online privacy" and "Make Kony Famous". Keliq is one of the hardest workers anyone could have, and that's just himself.

Keliq's History

     Keliq was born in Denver, Colorado in 1995. Keliq's father died by suicide on 2001. Keliq got a scolarship with the Colorado Rookies when he went there in 2002. Keliq in 2006, started his passion when he became a sound man for Heritage Christian Center(Currently The Potter's House of Denver ) he Stay there for about 4 years than became a sound man for A place of Refuge. He stayed there for about 2 years right after it got shut down due to expenses. Keliq currently does the sound for Life Changer's ministry.
== Keliq's show ==
      It all started on June 4Th, 2012 when Keliq had released his first show episode. Keliq, teasing Prince, and Dubstep, started out with a bang and created himself a stable view mean. Keliq is currently Taking a break but plans to release July 5th's show.
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