The Japanese mystery thriller Keizoku ("Unsolved cases"), created as both a TV drama and a film about Detective Jun Shibata, who handles unsolved cases with her hardened partner Mayama Tôru.



  • Shibata Jun: Nakatani Miki
  • Mayama Tôru: Watabe Atsuro
  • Kido Aya: Suzuki Sarina
  • Kondo Akio: Tokui Yuu
  • Taniguchi Tsuyoshi: Nagae Hidekazu
  • Hayashida Seiichi: Yajima Kenichi
  • Nagao Noboru: Arifuku Masashi
  • Osawa Maiko Nishio Mari
  • Saotome Jin Noguchi Goro
  • Nonomura Koutarou Ryu Raita
  • Tsubosaka Kunio Izumiya Shigeru

drama titles

  • 01: Phone Call from the Dead Man
  • 02: Punishment Table of Ice
  • 03: The Wiretapped Murderer
  • 04: The Room of Certain Death
  • 05: The Man Who Saw the Future
  • 06: The Wickedest Bombing-Demon
  • 07: Death Curse of the Oil Painting
  • 08: Farewell, Lovely Cutthroat
  • 09: Future Revenge of the Past
  • 10: Your Own Two Eyes
  • 11: The Kiss of Death's Flavor


Film (2000)



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