Kedar Dutt Kala

Pandit Kedar Dutt Kala was a resident of Badolgaon Village in Tahsil Lansdowne, Dist Pauri Garhwal in newly formed state of Uttarakhand, India. Pandit Kedar Dutt Kala had very basic education but through hard work and perseverance he learned complex rituals of Devi Puja, verbalized Sanskrit texts. Pt Kala is considered one of the three most accomplished specialist in tantra form of worship of his time in Garhwal. His forecasts were invariably accurate.

Not much is known about his actual date of birth, those were times when records were not kept meticulously for posterity. Young Kedar showed early signs of interest in occult. Unfortunately difficult condition at home kept him away from school and deprived him formal education. In his free time he would wander off to Kali Temple. On one such occasion he met a Tantrik who saw promise and resolve in Young Kedar. Without informing anyone at home, he went away with the Tantrik, he was only twelve ears old at the time. He came back in three months but this habit of going away and coming back became a trait with him everytime coming back with more knowledge of Tantra form of worship..

Pandit Kedar Dutt Kala's legacy was carried forward by his sons and daughters..

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