An amazing individual born in the wee evening hours of around 8 o'clock on the glad day of December 27th, 1995. Although not many important events are considered worthy on this day, as it follows the all important Boxing Day, the birth of this child has been considered a monumental occasion, as the start of a successful career of classical music composition, and the player of not only percussion and guitar, but of the tuba, piano, bass, flute, cello, violin, and a recent development; trumpet. She is directly related to General Buford of the Civil War.

While it is under much speculation as to the qualification of this individual to continue on in her marching band career (in light of the plethora of injuries, notably the unforgettable tuba to the head concussion), the obvious love of music is president in every waking aspect of her being. Although better time management is definitely needed as she never shows up to Cornerstone or has those kick butt parties anymore.

Kaylyn Elizabeth Buford, otherwise known as Bubu, Kaykay, Buford, Idiot, and Kaywyn Awizabet Buuford, is widely known for her support of the glorious Republican Party, the 2nd Amendment, Southpark, and Baking. Her taste in music has been shown to include rap, metal, screamo, hardcore metal, classical, and country. Not in the least a nonsensical list at all. Her bestest and closest friend is the notorious Elora Kuhny, more famously known as Kuhnybear, or Cheeseburger. Her favorite movies include The Lord of the Rings trilogy (as made evident by the naming of her dog Stryder, James Bond, Boondock Saints, Indiana Jones, Braveheart, Gladiator, The Princess Bride, Star Trek, all the Batmans, but the two most notable of all; Danial Alexander Dolphin and Santa Sleigh.

The wonderfulness of Miss Buford is obvious to all that have had the privileged of making her acquaintance. If you don't know her, get your butt over to the TJ marching band practice field because that's the only place you're ever going to find her!

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