Paradigm(s) multi-paradigm
Typing discipline static
Influenced by Java C++
OS independent
License MIT License
Usual filename extensions .kava, .kc

Kava is a statically typed a programming language based off Java. All Kava source code is written in form of classes, and compiles into platform independent Kava bytecode. The Kava bytecode is ran by the Kava Virtual Machine (KVM). Kava syntax is influenced by Java, C++ and C. The language is still in development and is currently unusable.

The language's repository can be found here:


The features are explained in the context of the Java programming language; if the feature was removed, then it is preceded by a "-", and if it was added in Kava, it is preceded by a "+".

+ multiple inheritance
+ operator overloading
+ operator defining
- interfaces
- package system (classes are loaded by specifying a relative or an absolute path)
- abstract classes


The Kava Virtual Machine (KVM) is a program implemented in the C++ programming language that executed Kava bytecode, i.e. Kava applications.


The Kava compiler is implemented in Python. As input, it takes a string of Kava source code (usually read from .kava files), and as output it it produces a .kc file.

Kava bytecode

The Kava bytecode is saved in a custom binary format, and all files end with the extension .kc.

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