The word Katerva is derived from the Latin word, caterva, which means crowd, and embodies Katerva’s commitment to bringing together the world’s best minds to solve it’s biggest problems. A UK-based non-profit organization, Katerva is committed to finding, celebrating and developing the world’s best initiatives to achieve global sustainability.

Katerva holds a yearly competition to recognize the best sustainability ideas in 10 categories: Food Security, Behavioral Change, Economy, Protected Areas, Gender Equality, Materials & Resources, Human Development, Energy & Power, Transportation, and Urban Design. The winning ideas are fostered to grow and accelerate their impact on the world through partnerships with organizations and thought leaders.

Katerva was founded in 2010 by Terry Waghorn: author, speaker, and thought leader on business strategy and innovation.

“If the Nobel Society had an award for sustainability, it would resemble the Katerva Awards, a new international prize for the most promising ideas and efforts to advance the planet toward sustainability.” Reuters

“Katerva is the holy grail of change.” Dan Bena, Senior Director of Sustainable Development, PepsiCo

“Almost everyone these days talks about sustainability. Businesses, government, individuals, all want to see innovations that create prosperity while making the world a better, healthier place for us and future generations. But who’s really doing something about it? Here’s one answer. Katerva, a sustainability recognition and intelligence organization, has just announced the finalists of its first annual Katerva Awards, which spotlights the most promising new sustainability concepts in the world.” Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff

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