Kate (Katarzyna Maria) Chruscicka (born March 12 1989) is a Polish classically trained fusion violinist ,and recording artist.

Musical Education

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Kate’s love and passion for the violin began at the age of six when she first heard the extraordinary work of Vanessa Mae. Her interest in the art at just a young age blossomed. This inspired her to learn violin. Kate in her younger years became a student at a specialist music school in Koszalin, Poland and graduated with a grade of distinction. At the age 12, the passing of Kate's father left her with a violin based on the schematics of a Stradivarius crafted using old growth materials by a Polish Artisan named Irena Sobecka.[1] After graduation Kate moved to England in 2008 to study Music Performance in violin at the University of Leeds school of music.[2] Kate was granted two scholarships due to her impressive academic background, and interview performance. It was here where Kate obtained a Degree with 2:1 classification under the tuition of Raimonda Koço. [3] She received both the Blanche L Leigh award (twice) and the Toothill performance award which have contributed towards the tuition costs for her education.[4] To subsidise the rest of her tuition fees Kate utilised her talents and would regularly be seen performing to crowds in city centers around the country, it is from these performances where Kate has become so successful and well known and is now regularly requested to perform at a wide range of both corporate and private events such as weddings and birthdays.

Throughout her studies in the UK, Kate has been granted private tuition by Leland Chen, an international award winning solo violinist who was formally a pupil of both Robert Masters, and Lord Yehudi Menuhin[5] Kate is now studying for a masters degree in Violin Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester.[6]

Performance Career

Kate has played numerous prestigious events, some of which include the West Yorkshire Police Awards Ceremony , The Rays of Sunshine Charity Ball [7], an IBM conference, Yorkshire Cancer Research Art Exhibition and most recently the Geneva Forex event for Dukascopy Swiss Bank SA, Harvey Nichols and for Land Rover at the launch party of their new Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover.[8][9] Whilst studying at Leeds, Kate regularly performed with the Leeds University Philharmonic Orchestra where she was a co-leader of the first violin section.
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Through her years of training and performances Kate has successfully established herself as an exceptional, classically trained violinist and regularly performs a range of both classical and contemporary pieces to thrilled audiences. Her recent performances across Europe have showcased her talent and showmanship, her professionalism and creativity are reflected in each of her performances, she is able to match the backdrop of her performance to highlight and enhance the style of each individual event. Kate has also spent the last several years performing at private events such as weddings and birthday parties, her talents and electrifying performances contributed to making many peoples days truly unforgettable. Kate is regularly asked to play at a variety of musical events across Europe and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with other musicians.

Thanks to over sixteen years of training, and also attending numerous master classes from the age of 12, Kate is now at a level of skill of the highest standard, her training and studies alongside the countless performances she is asked to do have enabled Kate to produce stunning and inspirational music. Her musical talents have taken her all over Europe, she has performed at the International Music Festival in Poland, was part of the Philharmonic groups that toured the Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany and Berlin.

Currently Kate is performing around twice a week and is promoting her first album, a mixture of both classical and contemporary pieces which gave Kate an opportunity to hone her skills and showcase her incredible talent and abilities that bring her individual style and sound to many modern pieces of music. She achieves this through not only her raw talent but by using her custom electric violins which were manufactured by the infamous British Electric Violin Maker Ted Brewer which gives Kate’s music a very distinctive sound. Her second album 'My Classical Interpretations' is due for release in the near future and will comprise Kate's take on a number of famous classical pieces.

Musical style

Kate has developed her own fusion style of performance where she expertly blends a variety of different musical genres into one, both after preparation and also when improvising on the spot. She plays a classical violin that was hand made in Poland by Irena Kozak in 1997, and both a transparent electric Vivo2 violin and a clear custom Vivo2/Crossbow Hybrid violin (both manufactured in England by Ted Brewer).[10]

Kate has three main musical styles in which she performs:

  • Classical
  • Popular - Folk, Pop and Rock arrangements
  • Techno - Acoustic Fusion

Acoustic fusion has been developed by Kate to create music within the broad electronic and dance fields of music. It includes such genres as ambient, break-beat, techno, house, trance, dub-step. This kind of music has a very melodic approach due to Kate use of her electric violins to express a variety of melodic lines and harmonies. This style has been specifically designed for Clubs, Fashion Shows and other events similar events.

Kate has done numerous performances where she has been accompanied by a DJ or performers across the UK in many different venues. This innovative performance style enables audiences to see Kate’s talents and how wide ranging her performance skills are. She has the ability to bring something new and unique to any event and create a mesmerizing atmosphere with her music and stage presence. Performances such as these are an opportunity for Kate to utilize her improvisation skills which she has mastered thanks to her years of busking across the UK alongside the intense training she has undergone since childhood.

Kate has worked alongside some excellent producers when recording her music such as the well known DJ and producer Mike Freear, co-producer Pete McDonald, and also co-producer Will Jackson who worked with Kate on her future remix album (due for release in 2013) of which tracks are available on request. Kate is passionate about bringing diverse styles to this more traditional instrument, she loves creating new and exciting concepts for her performances and working with people to make the events she performs at truly unique and inspirational.

Kate’s talents are wide ranging and her style can go from traditional to diverse in an instant, she has left countless audiences around the UK and Europe mesmerized by her performances and is eager to continue to perform and develop her style further to cater to all kinds of tastes and events. Her undeniable passion, commitment, talent, and sheer love for this instrument and life is what makes Kate’s music individual and unforgettable and she is very excited to see where else her talents will take her as she continues to master the art which has become part of her since her childhood.


Past clients

  • Apple
  • Heineken
  • Range Rover Holland for the launch of the new 2013 Range Rover
  • Harvey Nichols
  • IBM
  • Enterprise Cars
  • Bisquit-Cognac
  • Geneva Forex Event for Dukascopy Bank SA - Switzerland
  • Land Rover - Launch of New Range Rover Evoque
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Northern Design Awards
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Rays of Sunshine Charity Ball
  • British Society For Hematology
  • Confederation of British Industry (including Gordons group)
  • Rotary - Ashover Car Show
  • Acorn Lighting Services Ltd
  • House Of Fraiser
  • I DO Magazine
  • Debenhams
  • Park Plaza
  • End Of Summer Fashion Shows (Twice)
  • Glad Rag Fashion Show Leeds
  • Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue
  • Aspire Leeds
  • Hyde Park Unity Day Festival
  • Leeds City Council


Kate uses standard tuned 4 string violins.She uses Ted Brewer electric violins exclusively, and has two custom Vivo2's according to the ted brewer website[11]


  • AER Compact 60 mobile
  • AER Compact 60 Mk II
  • Bose L1 model II


The following is a small selection of Kate's performance history.[12]


Orchestral (selected)

  • 2012 - Carleton Court, Pontefract – Soloist (three times)
  • 2012 - Featherstone Male Voice Choir, Supporting acts at two concerts, Featherstone, Soloist
  • 2011 - Royal Northern College of Music : Concert Orchestra & Symphony Orchestra
  • 2011 - Leeds University Philharmonic Orchestra, Leeds
  • 2010 - Leeds University Philharmonic Orchestra, Leeds
  • 2009 - Leeds University Philharmonic Orchestra, Leeds
  • 2008 - Leeds University Philharmonic Orchestra, Leeds
  • 2007 - Ayvalik International Orchestra in Ayvalik, Turkey
  • 2006 - Socrates-Comenius Orchestra in Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2005 - Socrates-Comenius Orchestra in Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2004 - Socrates-Comenius Orchestra in Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2003 - German "Pomerania" Orchestra, concerts in Wertpfuhl, Germany
  • 2002 - German "Pomerania" Orchestra, concerts in Szczecin and Berlin

Solo (selected)

  • 2012 – Carleton Court, Pontefract (three times)
  • 2012 - Featherstone Male Voice Choir, Supporting acts at two concerts
  • 2011 - Recording with Rupert Stround
  • 2011 - Sheltered Housing Solo Recital
  • 2011 - Leeds Deaf and Blind Concert Solo Recitals
  • 2011 - Masonic Ladies Night Recital
  • 2010 - Horbury Singers Concert Support Soloist at the Concert
  • 2010 - Worrall Male Voice Choir Support Soloist at the Concert
  • 2010 - West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Summer COncert - Soloist
  • 2010 - wakefield live music project Concert solo Recital
  • 2010 - Recording with Huggies Horns
  • 2010 - FemSoc Leeds - Solo Recital
  • 2010 - Lakes ALive Festioval, with the Band Charanga Del Norte
  • 2010 - Leeds Deaf and Blind Solo Recitals
  • 2009 - Recording and Release of the album 'The Violinist'
  • 2009 - Christmas Carols Concert Leeds Central Library - Hosted by Leeds City Council, Soloist
  • 2009 - Recording - With Charanga Del Norte - Leeds
  • 2009 - Leeds Deaf and Blind Solo Recitals
  • 2008 - Recording - With Price Tag - Leeds
  • 2008 - Solo Concert - Valentine's Day - The Oracle Bar, Leeds, Soloist
  • 2008 - Solo Concert - 2nd Diploma Recital, Poland
  • 2008 - Solo Concert - 1st Diploma Recital, Poland
  • 2007 - Solo Concert - Ayvalik, Turkey, Soloist
  • 2006 - Solo Concert - Guildford Cathedral, UK, Soloist

Group projects

Kate has recently formed a violin duo group named "STORM" ,[14] taking the name after Vanessa-Mae's piece based on the Antonio Vivaldi piece The Four Seasons.



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