Kat was an American porn actress from Los Angeles, California.[1] She entered the adult industry in 2003 at the age of around 18, and has since appeared in over 371 adult movies.[1]


Personal life

Kat grew up in San Fernando Valley with her mom, step dad and older brother.[6] She is the middle child in her family.[6] Kat has never spoken to her biological father.[2] Kat and her mom are Catholic, but has never gone to confessional since starting porn.[2] Kat lived in group homes from sixteen to eighteen years of age.[2] The staff there was mean to her.[6]

In a porn video where Kat said she was 19 years old, she said that she got a plasma TV and a new computer that Christmas.[7]

Kat does not have a boyfriend and she prefers to date someone from outside the porn industry.[2] Before entering the porn industry, she had only been with two guys.[6] Kat would prefer a boyfriend who "has a sense of humor" and who is "easy to talk to".[8]

In terms of penis size, Kat prefers penises that are eight inches long.[4] [8] She values penis thickness over penis length.[8]


Kat's pornography career started in 2004 and it ended in 2009.[9] She is now retired from pornography.[9]

After she moved out of her parents' home, she started living in an apartment with other people and she lost her virginity to a men at age eighteen although she wanted to stay a virgin.[6] A forty-year-old man at the apartment recruited her for pornography.[6]

Her first scene was with Marco Banderas.[8] Although she is of Mexican ancestry and speaks Spanish in some of her movies, Kat is sometimes cast in Asian porn roles.[8] Kat lost her anal virginity on camera[10] to Johnny Thrust in the 2004 Skeeter Kerkove film, Sensational Teens.[8] She had a buttplug inside her for an hour before this scene.[4] Kat's favorite partners in the industry are Kurt Lockwood and Chanel Chavez.[8]

Kat wore braces which contributed to her youthful looks and she has had an accident with them during fellatio.[8] She had braces since she was a sophomore in high school and she had them removed in either late 2006[4] or early 2007.[11] In a porn video where Kat said she was 19 years old, she said she "can't wait" to get her braces removed.[7]

Kat is known for anal sex and she likes anal sex.[4] She thinks her best scenes include double penetrations but refuses to do double anal.[8] Many of Kat's scenes feature squirting.[1] Kat was nominated for the 2007 AVN Award for most outrageous sex scene in 2006 film The Great American Squirt Off.[12]

Kat enjoys her celebrity that has come from her pornographic work.[6]


Kat has changed her job goals a lot throughout her life. When Kat was three years old, she wanted to be a ballerina.[6] When Kat was six years old, she wanted to be a doctor.[6] When Kat was ten years old, she wanted to be an actress.[6]

Kat enjoys writing and she wants to become a journalist one day.[2] Kat wrote a lot of poetry between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.[6] Even though Kat has been involved in pornography, she still intends to become a writer.[6] She wants to write a book or something similar.[6]

Another goal of hers is to better her relationship with her mother.[6]


  • 2007 AVN Award nominee – Best Anal Sex Scene (Video) – Facial Explosions (with Magnum)[13][2]
  • 2008 AVN Award nominee – Best Supporting Actress (Video) – Caliente[2]
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – The Great American Squirt Off (nominated with six others)[12][2]



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