Kasalavu Nesam is a 1999 Tamil comedy television series directed by K. Balachander and starring Venu Arvind. The series aired on Sun TV and Raj TV,[1] and is referred to as among Balachander's "most memorable".[2]


Gautam (Venu Arvind), is jobless and when all his efforts in securing a job fail miserably, his 'friend in need' recommends him for a job with a big business magnate. The catch is that in order to get the job, Gautam must marry the boss' dark-complexioned daughter. Against his better judgement, he marries her, but her lack of beauty makes him cringe. As fate would have it, he falls in love with a beautiful ghazal singer. Soon thereafter, his wife dies in an accident. The coast now being clear, Gautam happily marries the ghazal singer. However, his happiness is short-lived as he soon realizes that he now has two fathers-in-law to deal with! Life becomes miserable for Gautam with both his fathers-in-law enforcing their influence and their crazy ideas on his everyday life. Gautam laments that one can afford to have two living wives, but not two living fathers-in-law! Again, as fate would have it, the first wife comes back as a spirit. With the constant appearance of the first wife's spirit, visible only to Gautam, events take a more uproarious turn. A series of mind-boggling comic interludes develop and utter confusion reins amidst the family members.




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