Karen Huff Klein is a hearing-impaired[1] 68-year old bus monitor from upstate New York and employed by the Greece Central School District.[2] Klein had a rise to fame after a ten-minute video dubbed Making The Bus Monitor Cry went viral on the internet.[3][4] The video featured Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng, and Joshua Slesak insulting Klein. The students taunted her by saying that they want to go to Klein's house, perform sexual acts on her and steal from her.[5] They also threatened to stab her with their knives and set a pitbull dog on her. The video was originally uploaded on Facebook, however a YouTube user named "CapitalTrigga" uploaded the video onto YouTube on June 19, 2012. The video later went on to surpass over 1.6 million views.[6] Soon after the video went viral, an Indiegogo user, who has been identified as Max Sidorov from Toronto, started a fundraiser campaign, with a goal of $5,000, to help give Klein a vacation.[7] The $5,000 goal was more than shattered as the campaign has received over $200,000 and still has 30 more days to raise funds.[8][9] An Indiegogo spokesperson stated that the website is in touch with Klein, who will be receiving all the money raised until the scheduled end of fundraiser; July 20, 2012.[10] Outside of the fundraiser, Klein has had massive support by others including Reddit user "razorsheldon" who posted a call to arms in support of Klein. The call to arms has produced several comments showing love and support.[11]


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