ΚΣΣ (Kappa Sigma Sigma) is a local fraternity which was founded in 1916 at the University of Redlands. The fraternity headquarters is known as the "bird house" and it is located at 1235 Sylvan Blvd. Kappa Sigma Sigma currently has 25 active members and a well organized alumni association of over 1,000. Kappa Sigma Sigma is the only fraternity at the U of R which has never lost its charter.[1]


Kappa Sigma Sigma was founded on May 10, 1916, by seven students at the University of Redlands. The seven founders met in the dental office of Dr. W. H. Heacock in the Fischer Building and seriously agreed upon the formation of the new fraternity which would have high ideals and be helpful to the school. It is significant that the early gatherings of the group were opened with a Scripture reading and a word of prayer. Leonard Cooper was elected as the First President and was an energetic and diplomatic leader. The first important move was the securing of Sawyer Hall as the first fraternity house. "Mother" Sawyer was the only house mother of Kappa Sigma Sigma. During this period the official colors were selected and the pin was designed by Fred D. Fagg, Jr. The grip, password, and whistle were adopted November 14, 1916.

Pledge Process

Kappa Sigma Sigma is known for its very difficult and secretive pledging process. The founders are credited with the drafting of the process and it is the responsibility of the Pledgemaster to ensure it is strictly adhered to. Those who complete the intensive program and enter into active membership are regarded as an elite group of men.

Notable Kappa Sig's

The fraternity has produced many notable individuals including:

Alumni Association

Kappa Sigma Sigma have very active alumni whose activities include the Rendezvous, the Buck of the Month Club, the Directory, and others. The Rendezvous is undoubtedly the highlight of alumni activities. This is a huge gathering of all Kappa Sigs, past and present. This day of fellowship is highlighted by the dinner where awards and presentations are given and where one may truly see fraternal spirit. The alumni always show interest in its active chapter as is demonstrated by the financial assistance the circle receives. Many house improvements have been financed by the alumni for the benefit of the active chapter.


Group of Kappa Sig's, past and present.

The Bird House

Construction of the Bird House began in 1953 after the members of Kappa Sigma Sigma secured a $10,000 loan. The house sits on a 2-acre (8,100 m2) lot in the middle of fraternity row at 1235 Sylvan Blvd. The property includes such amenities as a volleyball court, horseshoe and bonfire pits, outdoor cooking facilities, and plenty of room for social gatherings. A seasonal creek known as the Zank runs through the estate and a wooden bridge provides a passable crossing. Kappa Sig’s are known to pride themselves on the condition of their fraternity headquarters and for a number of years it has been the only inhabited house on “the row”. In June 2006 the Bird House was closed because of a renovation on fraternity row. In January, 2007, the Bird House reopened to the fraternity. After months of work both the "Bird House" and Fraternity Row now have a 21st century look.

Recent history

Kappa Sigma Sigma has a long tradition of producing student leaders who excel in both academics and athletics. From 2004 - 2007 many Kappa Sig's served as elected A.S.U.R. Senators Chris Tucker, Colin Hoover, Alex Strand, Rusty Walker, Jason O'Donnell, Andrew McGraw, Troy Campbell. Also Ian Calpin and Alex Strand were two brothers that competed at the national level in Water Polo and Swimming [4]. Also Two have since been elected as University of Redlands Student Body President Jason O'Donnell for the 2005–2006 school year and Troy Campbell for the 2007 - 2008 school year.[5]


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