Kappa Phi Epsilon, or Kappa Phi, is the largest Christian social fraternity in the State of Florida.[1] The mission of Kappa Phi is to expand beyond general men's ministry and to be a fraternity which uniquely focuses on engaging both the Greek communities and Christian communities with their outreach and involvement.[2] Since its founding at the University of Florida in 2004, Kappa Phi has initiated nearly 200 brothers.



Kappa Phi Epsilon traces its inspiration to Oxford University in 1729. At the oldest English-speaking university in the world, five young men came together for Christian brotherhood, accountability, academics, service, regular prayer, Bible reading, and fasting until 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. These men were Charles Wesley, Robert Kirkham, William Morgan, John Wesley, and George Whitefield and their organization became known as the Oxford Holy Club.

It was in this search for Christian brotherhood that the vision for fraternal Christian fellowship made its way to the University of Florida with the re-establishment of the traditions and principles of the Oxford Holy Club under the Greek letters of Kappa Phi Epsilon in 2004 by six men: Paul Kayiales, Eric Waters, Josh Czupryk, Joseph Caltabellotta, Gary Bernau and Lexy Semino. The men of Kappa Phi Epsilon seek to be equipped to reach and influence the Greek community, while being internally focused on discipleship and passion for Jesus Christ.

Kappa Phi Epsilon is a social fraternity firmly founded on Jesus which seeks to provide young men with lifelong fellowship and discipleship. Christian men are welcomed to seek after God, just as the Oxford Holy Club did, using biblical Christian principles to provide a firm foundation for the social and leadership training of collegiate men.


Focusing on fellowship, discipleship, and allowing brothers to live out practical Christianity, Kappa Phi Epsilon seeks to be equipped to reach and influence the Greek community, while being internally focused on discipleship and passion for Jesus Christ. Brothers are trained to make a difference in the world for the gospel and be better husbands, fathers, and leaders in their church and community for the glory of God. The fraternity verse is Ecclesiastes 4:12, which states: "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." [3]

External Involvement


Kappa Phi Epsilon aims to create a spirit of service within the fraternity and holds 15-20 service projects each semester. Kappa Phi also partners with at least four local churches each semester, providing set-up, clean-up, worship, youth counseling, tutoring, and providing for any church needs. The brothers seek to be a resource which churches can reach out to when they need assistance. This desire has enabled the fraternity to become known for its service in the local community. The fraternity also works with many local sororities in joint service projects to serve throughout the Gainesville community.


Pre Showdown

Participants prepare to compete in Showdown in the Swamp at the University of Florida

Kappa Phi holds an annual philanthropy titled "Showdown in the Swamp" each spring at the University of Florida for the benefit of Danny Wuerffel's Desire Street Ministries in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Kappa Phi Epsilon seeks to equip men to become leaders on their campuses and throughout their communities. Brothers are expected to pursue the glory of Jesus Christ by entering into leadership positions throughout their campuses. Active members of Kappa Phi, throughout their undergraduate careers, have held leadership positions in:

Christian Organizations: FCA Leadership, Campus Crusade for Christ Leadership, Gator Wesley Foundation, Gator Christian Life Leadership, Young Life Leadership, St. Augustine Catholic Student Ministries, Christian Campus House Leadership, BCM Leadership

Leadership Organizations: Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary Society, Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau Leadership, Gator Growl Leadership, UF Student Senate, UF Student Government Cabinet, Freshman Leadership Council, Reitz Union Board of Managers, ACCENT Speakers Bureau Leadership, and Florida Cicerones

Athletics: University of Florida club baseball team, UF soccer team, UF rugby team, UF water polo team, UF rock climbing team, UF club fencing team, Pride of the Sunshine Fightin' Gator Marching Band

Honors and Professional Organizations: Honors Ambassadors, President of Institute of Industrial Engineers, Tau Beta Pi Honors Society, Chi Epsilon Honors Society, Florida Leadership Academy (Warrington College of Business), Architecture College Council, School of Journalism Dean's Council

Notable Alumni Involvement

Members of Kappa Phi Epsilon have gone on after their time as an undergraduate to attend: Harvard Law School, Harvard Graduate School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering Graduate School, Georgetown University School of Law, Cornell Law School, University of Chicago Graduate School, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Texas at Austin Graduate School, University of Florida Levin College of Law, and University of Florida International Business Program.

Alumni have also gone on to participate in several prestigious organizations, including:

Internal Structure


Kappa Phi Epsilon is a college organization, hierarchical in nature with initiated members being eligible to become alumni members after they graduate.[4]


Kappa Phi Epsilon is a self-described "Christian leadership development organization." They seek to accomplish this through multiple strategies including discipleship, required church attendance and focused Bible studies.


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