Headquartered in Washington DC, "The Chosen Few", otherwise known as Kappa Gamma, is the world's first deaf fraternity. Its formation came from an 1863 secret society before becoming a fraternity in 1901; just like its parent, Kappa Gamma is also a secret society, thus, many aspects of the fraternity are not publicly known. However, it is known that the criteria of admittance into the society are strict and selective, as they welcome only men of demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and fellowship who also exert a high quality in their character. With an average active number ranging in the late teens and early twenties, overall membership throughout the course of the society's existence numbers under two-thousand members.


The overall purpose of Kappa Gamma is to strengthen the deaf community, as well as raising the standard of Gallaudet students. It is a society that is very active in various aspects of the campus community, varying from being sport team captains to serving on campus activity committees, as well as being active in the deaf community as a whole. Many prominent leaders within the deaf community are members of the society.

Notable Brothers


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