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Kamunja Munga, an animal-proclaimed "King of the Jungle". Started as a simple child in Australia influenced by the Aboriginals and love for nature, commenced  a journey of self fulfilment in the Arab Emirates. After many unfulfilling years in a soul of petrified worlds he decided to embrace his  enlightenment of knowledge. After deep thought and searching, it took him to the deepest depths of the African jungles. There he began to learn the habits of the jungle and it's habitants. Apart from befriending the animals, he stopped bathing in order to allow his scent and natural pheromones to become the way the animals recognized him. He soon became the hunter and provider to many wild beasts in order to gain their trust and their need for him to continually provide for them and eventually become their leader. It was a feat not easily gained over night but he dominated all animals with his bow and arrow skills to continually provide for the needy and starving species that made it clear who the true king of the jungle was, making them his loyal subjects. Worshiping him idly till this day. They praise Kamunja Munga near and far, often protesting and wanting a political war to encroach on neighboring countries to establish the Kingdom of Zagigi. Although Kamunja refuses to comment on the subject, whilst continually rejecting interviews with National Geographic and filming of what once was a young boys dream, he declines all claims of political war and encroachment, but classifies it as 'natural selection'.

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