Professor Kamilia Ibrahim Abdelfattah (Arabic: كاميليا عبد الفتاح‎)[1][2][3] is an Egyptian psychologist, and a pioneering Egyptian woman scientist in the field of child psychology and studies:

Academic career

She was the founder and first dean, head and moderator of educational and foundations specialized in childhood studies. She was the founder and first dean of childhood higher institute of postgraduate studies, Ain Shams University. She was the founder and first Dean of childhood studies center], Cairo University.[4]

Professor Kamiliia Abdelfattah is the founder of children nursery college, Cairo University.


  • She was chosen as woman of the year in Who's Who UK encyclopaedia 1997 and Cambridge University
  • She is a member of many national and inter national societies of psychology
  • She has many published books and researches deal with school kids, teenagers, children psychology women ambitious and working women,.... and was supervisor of more than 150 M.Sc and PhD thesis.
  • She had licence from health ministry to treat children psychologically since 1977


  • B C in psychology (1954) Literature college Ain shams university

(very good)

  • MSc. in psychology (1954) Literature college Ain shams university

(very good)

  • PhD in psychology (1954) Literature college Ain shams university

(Excellent) with first honor degree.

  • Certificate of children psychiatric treatments Tavistock University London.
  • BSc if social services 1994 (Holwan University today)


  • The founder, creator and first head of the childhood higher institute studies of graduates Ain Shams University (1981–1986).
  • The founder and director of childhood center Ain Shams University (1977–1987).
  • The founder and first head of childhood nursery college, Cairo University (1988–1992).

All these foundations were built by projects introduced by Professor Dr Kamilia Abd El Fattah who became the head and director after building.

  • The head of childhood studies council of girls' faculty-Ain Shams University
  • Got different scientific degrees till professor of psychology in 1972.


  • Children psychiatric treatments (license from health ministry, Egypt since 1977).
  • Head of editorial board of psychiatric magazine (published by national book association since 1986- …).
  • Head editor of karawan magazine for preschool children, which is the first magazine for this age published with agreement of the higher council of newspaper since 1999- ….
  • Member of secure council of broadcasting and TV .
  • Member of national specialized councils - education council.


  • Member of complete care association for school kids since 1978-…
  • Member of international union of school psychology (1985 - …_.
  • Head of the kid psychology national society since 2000_ …

Important published books

Recent work

  • psychological treatment of children (License of Egyptian health ministry 1977).
  • Head editor of psychology magazine (Published by the national association of book, 1986-..)
  • Head editor of karawan magazine for preschool children (The first magazine which had publishing agreement of the high council of news paper in Egypt for this young age) from 1999- …
  • Member of technical consultant group of national council of childhood and motherhood -1989-…)
  • Member of Egyptian association of psychology.
  • Member of national specialized councils (Education council, 1978..)
  • Member of secure union council of broadcasting and TV.
  • Member of complete care of school kids (1978---).
  • Member of international union of school psychology science (1985…)
  • Head of Egyptian group of child psychology science.

Some published books (in Arabic)

  • Ambitious level and personality (1988) Dar Nahdet Masr. دراسات سيكولوجيه في مستوي الطموح و الشخصيه
  • Teenagers and their treatment methods, (Dar Qubaa, 1998).
  • Psychology of group treatment of children[5] العلاج النفسى الجماعي] س


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