Kyle Mendoza (Born June 26, 1998) Better Known As His Stage Name KYounqq Is An American Rapper, From Houston Tx And Currently Still Lives In Houston Tx. He Is An Unsigned Artist.

Early Life

Kyle Was Born June 26, 1998 In Houston Tx, At The Age Of 11 In November Of 2009, When The First Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Was Released With Eminem's Till I Collapse, That Was The First Time Kyle Ever Heard A Rap Song. He Later Told His Friend "If It Wasn't For That Game I Wouldn't Be Rapping And I Wouldn't Know What Rap Is!" Kyle Grew Up In The Southwest Side Of Houston, Texas In His Songs He Talks About The Hardships He Would See Around Him And How Much It Made Him Work Hard.

Team Struggle

TeamStruggle Is Something KYounqq Made Up For His Fans. He Said "Just Like MGK Has Lace Up, J.Cole Has Cole World, Drake Has OVOXO, I Have #TeamStruggle." KYounqq Loves To Get His Fans In With His Music, In His Intro To His Mixtape "The Struggle" You Can Hear The Voice's Of His Fans Telling Him How Much They Love His Music And How Much Faith They Have In Him. "I Never Want Any Of My Fans To Feel Like They Don't Matter. KYounqq Says. "I Thank God Every They I Got em, Especially Leslie, Carlos, Oscar, Robert,Over,And The Rest Of My Fans. Were Gona Make It, This Is All Cause Of Y.O.U Im Nonething With Out Y'all. Your My Family." KYounqq Wants To Make TeamStruggle into A Charity To Help Kids In Underprivileged Areas Such As Parts Of Houston , Chicago,And Anywhere Else There Are People In Need. "I Was Watching A Special On Kids In Chicago,Where Gangs Are And Kids Are Scared To Go Outside!, In My Mind I Was Like I Gota Do Something To Help, And Poof! TeamStruggle Was Born. One Day I Will Give Back To Show I Always Have And Always Will Care About People In The Struggle, Especially In My Home Town Houston Y'all Have Done So Much, It's The Least I Could Do."-KYounqq


KYounqq Started Doing Music In 2010 But, It Didn't Spark Into Something Until 2012. KYounqq's Focus's On Life Stories And Events That Happen In His Life, Or What Go's On Around Him He Likes To Be Himself, He Stresses This Alot In His Music. Rather Than Talk About Drugs,Money,Women Like Other Rappers Do, He Has A Deep Mind That Flows With Lyrics That Are Full Of Pictures That He Makes With Every Word He Writes. KYounqq Looks Up To Rappers, J.Cole As His Mentor. "I Love J.Cole, Me and Him Share The Same Dream And We Both Write Real Sh*t." KYounqq's Dream Label Is Roc Nation Founded By Rapper Jay Z . Kyle's First Real Hit Was "Dear Hollywood" From His Mixtape "The Struggle" Which Is About A Boy Writing A Letter To Hollywood Saying What He See's Around Him And Before it Is Sent, KYounqq Tell's Him About Hollywood Making The Boy Realise Don't Believe Everything You Hear Or See. All Of His Songs Are On Youtube And He Has One Mixtape Out, But He Is Working On One Called "In Last Place" That Will Drop In 2013. He Also Has A Fan Page For His Fans On Facebook.


Kyle, Get's Stressed Out Alot Not Just Of His Music, But He Has Family,Friends,Fans,And School. "Im Not Gona Lie,It's Hard For Me To Do All These Things At Once, But I Gota Learn Real Soon, All I Ever Think About Is Music. Thats The One Thing Im Good At." Kyle Plans To Go Through High School, And Go To LSU Or Texas Tech For College.


KYounqq Is Currently Working On His 2nd Mixtape "In Last Place" (2013) That Will Feature Alot Of Singers And Other Rappers. He Plans To Do Shows And He Is Always Waiting For The Day To Sign His Record Deal. "The Future For Me And Team Struggle Is Looking Real Good, Im Working On My Second Mixtape, Im Planing On Music Videos, Concerts Stuff Like That, And Im Always Looking For The Day I Sing my First Record Deal. Its A Team Struggle Thing Mayne."-KYounqq Thanks To One Of Kyle's Friends He Is Close To Signing A Deal To The Rapper The Game Rolex Records

KYounqq If Your Reading This

We Made This For You! -From Your Fans.


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