Juno Baby is a regional Emmy Award-winning line of children’s educational-development products that blend original music with puppet characters intended to develop, inspire and nurture children’s minds and emotions.


Created by Belinda Takahashi Ph.D., a professional composer, professor and mother, alongside her husband, Adam Adelman, Juno Baby generates DVDs and CDs geared toward the educational development and engagement of children ranging in ages from one to five years. During Takahashi’s first pregnancy, she and Adelman found themselves disappointed by the lack of music-focused children’s educational material. Inspired by her new family, Takahashi decided to create a company that would encourage music appreciation in children.[1] Juno Baby, Inc. officially launched in 2006.

About Juno Baby

Juno Baby DVD and CD titles focus on the adventures of Juno and her friends, in the musical world of Harmonia. All music is original, created by Takahashi, and is performed by a live orchestra. Fraggle Rock and Henson’s Muppet alumnae do the puppeteering. Mixing these two, Juno Baby speaks directly to children and elicits participation while nurturing emotional and vocabulary skills. Company's stated ethos is “to do well by doing good,” which the company demonstrates with its One For All program.


Juno is the main character of the Juno Baby series. She is a six-year-old girl with a natural passion for music. She loves to play piano, compose, conduct and do just about anything musical. Though she enjoys music, the most important things in Juno’s life are her relationships with her baby brother, Rai Rai, and her friends.

Rai Rai

Rai Rai is Juno’s two-year-old little brother. While he hasn’t quite mastered the act of talking, he’s already a budding musical genius. Rai’s talent is a penchant for remembering all things sound. He’s a true “boy,” so he never parts with his beloved cape, and is often pretending to be “Super Rai.” Rai Rai loves his big sister, Juno, more than anything.


Indie is Juno’s cat and also one of her best friends. He complains a lot, and he’s a big scaredy-cat. Indie loves making up rhythms, reading poetry and playing the French horn. His favorite word is “please,” and he dreams of being an actor when he grows up.

Bunny is another one of Juno’s pets, and also a very noisy member of Juno’s musical world. She loves to sing opera – the louder, the better. Bunny has a big appetite for life, and loves doing silly dances, wearing hats, and belly laughing.

Murphy is a serious caterpillar with a curiosity and fascination for everything. He enjoys playing bassoon, cooking and astronomy. Someday, Murphy wants to be just like Albert Einstein and win a Nobel Prize in Physics.

Buzz is a quiet bee, but he’s always up to something fun. He loves rescuing lost animals, finger painting, playing the flute, and fairy tales. His favorite place to be is in the garden, when the flowers aren’t playing hide and seek with him.

One For All Program

For every Juno Baby DVD, CD or book purchased, Juno Baby donates a similar product to a child in the Head Start Program. The one for all program's mission is to bring early music education to the most vulnerable children in America, the Head Start population.

Juno Baby Releases

DVD Titles
All Juno Baby DVDs can be played in English, Spanish and French
Way To Go, Juno!
Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt
Juno’s Rhythm Adventure

CD Titles
Juno Baby: Sing Along Edition
Juno Baby: Orchestral Edition
Juno Baby: Super Duper Deluxe Edition!

iOS Title
For iPhone/iPod Touch
Juno's Musical ABCs


2007 Regional Emmy Award Winner – Best Original Music
Dr. Toy – Best Products Award[2]
Dr. Toy – Best Audio-Video Products Award[3]
Dr. Toy – Top Vacation Products Award[4]
Dr. Toy – Top 100 Products Awards[5]
National Parenting Publications Awards – Gold NAPPA Award[6]
iParenting Media Award Winner – Hot Award Winner[7]
Creative Child Magazine – Preferred Choice Award
Telly Awards - 2005 and 2007 Telly Award Winner[8]
Coalition For Quality Children’s Media – Seal of Approval
Parents Choice Foundation
Dove Foundation – 5 out of 5 rating


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