JunkYard 69

Junkyard 69 is a Greek hard rock band from Athens. The group was formed by Phoenix ( and Spades (Drums). Later on Lust (Bass) and Jersey (L.Guitars) have been added.

The band was rehearsing and creating their first material while they were looking for a vocalist.

After a lot of search Vaine showed up makin' clear that he is the man for the job.

As soon as the line up was complete,Junkyard 69 released their first 4-track demo called 'On a Wing and a Prayer' (September 2011).

The next step was makin' the first official video for the hit single We Want War, which was released at the dawn of 2012 as pure evidence that the band is rising and ready to rock all the way.

A lot of live shows full of energy followed as well as participations to various festivals and Junkyard 69 achieved to be the first Greek hard rock act playin' at the Mtv festival during the summer.

Also in October of 2012 they made their first European Tour, playin' more than 10 shows in 8 countries.

The band is highly active, and moving fast combining all the attitude, danger n' good looks guaranteeing a total rock n' roll experience.

Members :

Vaine - Voxx

Jersey - Lead Guitar

Phoenix Junk - Rhythm Guitar

Nikko Lust - Bass

Spades - Drums

Discography :

* On a Wing and a Prayer (2011) Demo

1. Trash City Rockers

2. Web Of Seduction

3. Jane (Needle In Your Dreams)

4. We Want War

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References :

Official Website

JunkYard 69 - Mtv Festival

Official Video Clip

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