Junior Juice is a brand of juice, centered for toddlers, preschoolers, and children, made by Hansen's, a division of Monster Beverage, and sold in juice boxes. The brand was introduced in 1991 by McCain Foods, and had four mascots: Uncle Froggy, Emily the Mouse, Ronald Rabbit, and Nick the Fox[1]. McCain sold the beverage division to the Pasco Beverage Group, a division of Vitality Beverages, in 2000[2]. Hansen's acquired Junior Juice in 2001, and Uncle Froggy, Emily the Mouse, Ronald Rabbit, and Nick the Fox were replaced by Clifford the Big Red Dog as its mascot. In 2006, Hansen's introduced an organic Junior Juice variant, and in 2008, organic Junior Water was introduced. Hansen's later introduced Coconut Water Twist, containing coconut water, and Garden Twist, a combination of fruits and vegetables, and was the only Junior Juice variant to be sold in a bottle.


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