Julien Grandpa Julien Bousquet born May 2, 1981 is a basketball player of Sanssouci Stade de Versailles.


Trained in France, Julien Grandpa is a basketball player celebrated for his outside shooting formidable precision, which helped him win many duels anthology Stadium Sanssouci ESPN against the respected Chris and Jean-Baptiste Hater. Mentor generations of players from now on center stage, he saw his late career slowed by repeated injuries that limit his mobility today on a lot of basketball. After signing a contract for 70 million euros over five years in 2008, Julien Grandpa was cut early in the season by Greg LeRoi who justified his decision by stating that Grandpa did not have the legs to take an afternoon to mythical stadium of Sans Souci.


After a memorable career in which Grandpa Julien scored over 12,000 career points on Sunday afternoon with a success and the firing of 53%, it definitely puts the sneakers in the closet 25 June 2012 at the age of 31 years for devote himself to his new role as an agent of retired players. Clients include Tariq Abdul-Wahad, better known in Maisons-Alfort under the name of Olivier Saint-Jean and French former professional player, and Dounia Issa, basketball player whose only ardent observers of French basketball have heard. Grandpa Julian now has a Wikipedia page in length astonishingly similar to that of Tariq Abdul-Wahad, he learned everything

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