Wayne "Juggler" Elise has been an author, performer and been called a commercial pick-up artist,[1][2] although he rejects the title of pick up artist. He has stated that he simply enjoys conversation and the process of meeting people.

He is in a committed, married relationship. In recent years he has focused on teaching broader conversation skills to men and women for personal and business success.

He is a notable character in, and author of a chapter of the New York Times best-selling book The Game.[3] He also appeared at a function to help promote the release.[4] His company is called Charisma Arts[5] (formerly Charisma Sciences).

Elise has written for magazines Esquire and Blender, and been a blog writer for Psychology Today

Before 2000 Elise made his living as a Busker primarily as a Juggler and Escape Artist. He also performed stand-up.[6]


  • He, along with his assistant Johnny Savior were guests on the British TV program Ready Steady Cook in December 2006.
  • He is featured in one episode of SexTV : Charmed and Dangerous: Training the Modern Casanova/A Moment with... Ian Kerner.[8]



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