Jozlin Bones are an American hard rock band, originally composed of Bill Stu (guitars), Teri Francis (bass), Jim Morgan (vocals), and Tom Morgan (drummer).

Jozlin Bones formed in Boston, MA under the name Morgan Stu. Originally a blues rock group, the band changed their style when drummer Tom Morgan was replaced by Mark Oliveira and guitarist Mike Burgess joined their ranks. With their new style, the band changed their name to Jozlin Bones.


Guitarist Bill Stu, bassist Teri Francis, vocalist Jim Morgan and drummer Tom Morgan formed the band Morgan Stu, a blues rock group, based out of the blue collar districts of Boston, MA. After the departure of Tom Morgan, the band quickly reformed, adding drummer, Mark Oliveira, and guitarist, Mike Burgess. Taking on a harder edge, the band changed their name to Jozlin Bones. In 1995, they released their long-awaited debut CD, Welcome to America. Hard hitting songs, such as S.O.I.A. and Freedom, quickly won the hearts of many. After a series of sold out live performances, the band returned to the recording studio.

Released in early 1996, Jozlin Bones II quickly received airplay throughout the continental US and abroad. Songs like Made For Killin and Fate gave the group their own unique and thunderous sound. In late 1996, Jim Morgan could no longer fill the needs of the band and departed. Bill Stu decided to front the band, this being the first lineup change that Jozlin Bones ever had.

Jozlin Bones released their third CD, Push, in 1998. It was a collection of their past and present material and was the first album released with Bill Stu as lead vocalist. The band also invited close friend guitarist, James Montague, to sit in on a couple of recording sessions. From those sessions, songs like Rocket, Lady, Shockwave, Question, and Born to Die came to life.


  • Welcome to America (1995)
  • Jozlin Bones II (1996)
  • Get Ready [Cassette] (1997)
  • Push (1998)
  • Push [VHS] (1998)

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