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Joyner USA INC.

Joyner USA Inc. is one of many distributors of Joyner Changzhou Recreational Vehicles. Joyner USA provides high quality Buggy & UTV vehicles. It boasts some of the most innovative products on the market.

Basic Information

Industry: UTV and Buggy series products

Founded: January 2011

Location: Mesa Arizona, USA

Area Served: North America

President: Chen Bin



  • 2000- Joyner Changzhou Recreational Vehicles Company (Joyner Changzhou) was established.
  • 2004- Joyner Changzhou signed a USA exclusive sales agreement with TeamJoynerUSA
  • 2008- TeamJoynerUSA was acquired by Iplex
  • 3/2010- TeamJoynerUSA went out of business because Castle Financial Corporation could not meet necessary EPA regulations.
  • 4/2010- Joyner Changzhou signed an exclusive sales agreement with JMC Company, but the two companies ended the agreement within 1 year.
  • 1/2011- Joyner Changzhou established a wholly subsidiary company called “Joyner USA inc.”
  • 6/2011- Joyner USA inc. acquired the trademark for “Joyner” through Court and EPA/CARB

Certification for its buggies and UTV models featuring Joyner's 800cc and 1100cc engines.

Operation in America

There are many dealers of Joyner USA inc. products located in different parts of the continental US.

Joyner USA dealer map

Joyner USA dealer map

Current Models


  • 800 Python (800 PYT),
  • 1100 Sand Viper (1100SVB)

- UTV:

  • Trooper 1100 T2 (Trooper T2),
  • Trooper 1100 T4 (Trooper T4),
  • Renegade 800UV (Renegade R2),
  • Renegade 800 R4 (Renegade R4)
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