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Josey Wells was born in France on september 28  at dreux air force base ,at the age of 12 Josey Wells started to learn the blues ,Bb King, Albert King Rory Gallagher , john lee hooker ect... Josey Wells joined is first rock band at the age of 18 ,they played all over brussel ,Belgium .later on Josey Wells joined the US marine corps {4 years } and also 3 years with the 101' airborn division {desert storm vet} after serving for 7 years Josey moved to Delaware in formed the rock band "cold steel " they played the bars for 7 years and recorded 1 album Now Josey wells live in virginia with is wife he recorded 14 albums live in studio ,Josey Wells use a fender stratocaster and a vintage UK marshal,you can find Josey Wells music at,itunes , 

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