Joseph Benny Ruiz (born October 18, 1977), best known by his stage name J.B.R, is an American Brooklyn rapper. Born in SunSet Park Brooklyn, Joseph B Ruiz released his debut single, Raw Breed, in 1989 through Independent Record label, JBR Productions, Inc. Although Joseph B Ruiz was a successful, On a street level he later, Established a recording deal with UK East West Records in 1995 which had Boosted his appeal to a European mass audience. After several released singles "Thats the way we like it" (Re-mix) from KC & The Sun Shine Band, and Single "Feeling Irie", Which was played in Mark Wahlbergs film "Fear". Joseph Benny Ruiz Took a break from his music career in 2001 and joined the United States Military, August 2003, Serving in Afghanistan as an Infantry scout from 2008-2009. Joseph Benny Ruiz is currently working on Producing his own music and for other Artist.

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